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Modèle RG353VS RG353V
Couleur Noir transparent/Gris Noir transparent/ Gris/ Blanc/ Violet transparent
Système LINUX (le système Linux 64 bits est compatible avec les applications 32 bits) Android 11, LINUX (le système Linux 64 bits est compatible avec les applications 32 bits)
Écran Angle de vision complet IPS de 3,5 pouces, ajustement complet OCA à distance nulle/640 x 480
Écran tactile
Non Multi-touch
Processeur RK3566 Quad-Core 64 bit Cortex-A55, fréquence principale jusqu'à 1,8 GHz
Mémoire 16 Go TF 32 Go eMMC 5.1 haute vitesse + 16 Go TF
WIFI 2,4/5G 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 4.2
Jeux / Support : jeux Android (Honor of Kings, etc.)

Prend en charge plus de 20 types de simulateurs.
 Aide les utilisateurs à télécharger des jeux dans des formats pertinents.

Logiciel Le système LINUX prend en charge la fonction de poignée filaire
Prend en charge la lecture en réseau multimédia
Le système LINUX prend en charge fonction de poignée filaire, frontal intégré Android
Prend en charge la lecture en réseau multimédia
Langue Multilingue
Haut-parleur Haut-parleur à pavillon unique
Batterie Li-polymère 3200 mAh, durée 6 heures
Carte TF Prend en charge la carte TF jusqu'à 512 Go
Carte SD RG353VS:16G (pas de jeu) ; 16G+64G (jeux 4393 compatibles) ;
16G+256G (jeux 4293 compatibles) ;
RG353V : 16G (pas de jeu) ; 16 G+64 G (jeux 4 403 compatibles) ;
16 G+256 G (jeux 4 303 compatibles)
Autre fonction Prise en charge des combats en ligne WIFI lt-in intégrés, streaming, HDMI, moteur vibrant, prise en charge des écouteurs stéréo 3,5 mm,
réglage d'économie d'énergie, luminosité de l'écran et autres fonctionnalités paramètres des propriétés
Accessoires Câble de chargement USB, coffret cadeau, manuel d'utilisation, protecteur d'écran
Apparence Apparence exquise, sensation de confort, laissez-vous caresser avec admiration
Taille 12,6 cm*8,3 cm*2,1 cm
Poids 0,18kg



Customer Reviews

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franly ismael Rubio Salas

Das Gerät ist wirklich Super.

Josh Morrison
Good device though it requires some know how

I really like my device and carry it with me everywhere I go. It didn't come with any games preloaded (I suspect the SD card was a dud) but it was easy enough to load roms and get going. I would say that you need a bit of prior knowledge to get it to work, but for the most part I am very satisfied.

Fantastic device!

What an amazing device at a fantastic price. Thousands of hours worth of entertainment across hundreds or thousands of classic games available for less than 200 dollars. Unbelievable value.

Excellent display, but OS and battery need improvement

Very happy with the device, I love the screen and its versatility.

Points to improve: the software (I have chosen to install other OS maintained by the community) and the battery, for the price it has, it should be able to have fast charging. Charging the device at 1-2A makes it take too long to charge and it gets too hot to play while charging, making it impossible.

Mikko Heikkilä
Awesome handheld gaming station

This is really small original Gameboy sized machine with all the features you can imagine, great quality (screen, buttons, sounds, wifi, performance, battery capacity) and tons of retro games. Even PSP games works great with this one, maybe the screen is a little bit small for GTA Vice City, but perfect for NHL 2001 PS1 or Tetris or whatever oldie. It is very rugged and easy to bring along. Fits pocket like phone would. 6 hours of gameplay is more than enough and it can be charged with standard usb-c cable. The battery doesn't drain during day since you can just turn it off after gaming. I tried to connect to a bigger screen with mini hdmi cable and it worked great. I'm considering getting some wireless controllers to play some oldschool NHL on big screen together with friends. The machine has lots of games preloaded to explore and some space left on microSD card to add your own.

Couldn't be happier with it. Such a low price and it can take me back to my childhood games any moment I wish so. Makes my PC setup feel a bit unnecessary. Mostly I love small size, reliability and great feeling controls