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TYPE DE CPU: Black 3050e(8G+256G)
Chargeur: US

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WIN600 a été mis à jour vers WIN11

Remarque :

Activation de Windows :
La première fois que vous démarrez, vous entrez dans l’interface de bienvenue. Après la configuration initiale, entrez dans le système et la mise en réseau sera automatiquement activée. Si vous rencontrez des problèmes ici, vous pouvez vérifier si le réseau est normal et nous contacter.


* Plus de 20 plates-formes de jeux prises en charge : 
Utilisateurs pris en charge pour télécharger des jeux, prend en charge le moteur de vibration
* Prise en charge du casque stéréo 3,5 mm
* Fonction complète Type C : 1 * USB3.1+USB2.0+Port d'affichage Sortie d'affichage + Sortie d'affichage HDMI + Charge rapide PD3.0
* 3.0 USB-A : 1 x USB3.1 taux de transmission 10 Gb/s
* Fonction musicale Prise en charge de la musique APE, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, AAC (y compris AAC-LC, AAC HE, AAC+V1/V2) et autres fichiers audio plein format

- 3020e noir :
CPU : AMD Athlon Silver 3020e Dali APU jusqu'à 2,6 GHz
Disque dur (remplaçable) :SSD M.2 SATA 2242 de 128 Go

- 3050e noir/blanc :
CPU :AMD Athlon Silver 3050e Dali APU jusqu'à 2,8 GHz
Disque dur (remplaçable) : SSD M.2 SATA 2242 de 256 Go
GPU : AMD Radeon RX Vega 3
Mémoire (remplaçable) : 8 G DDR4 Fréquence : 2 400 MHz

- 3050e bleu :
CPU :AMD Athlon Silver 3050e Dali APU jusqu'à 2,8 GHz
Disque dur (remplaçable) :1 To M.2 SATA 2242 SSD
GPU : AMD Radeon RX Vega 3
Mémoire (remplaçable) : 16 Go DDR4 Fréquence : 3 200 MHz

- Écran : 5,94 pouces OCA lamination complète Écran IPS, toucher 10 points
distinguabilité : 1280*720
- Système : édition familiale prédéfinie de Windows10, prise en charge du système d'exploitation Steam
- Langue : multilingue
- Fonction e-book :Support
- Fonction Wifi Bluetooth : WIFI5/Bluetooth 4.2
- Haut-parleur : Haut-parleur stéréo à double corne de haute qualité
- Batterie : Batterie Li-polymère haute densité de super capacité 8,7 V == 4 500 mAh*2 séries, 2 à 5 heures de batterie life
- Taille de la console : 23,6 cm*10,3 cm* 2,2 cm
- Poids de la console : 0,49 kg

3020e NOIR


3050e BLEU

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Chris Goss
Cute little computer for the price.

I can't believe I've only had the Win600 for only 2 weeks. It feels like it's always been with me.
There was a small bump when I got it (Refused to boot back up after a restart command) but I reset Windows, and it's been great ever since.
Yes, as others have said, the battery leaves a lot to be desired. I've set it up with "Power Saving", turned off Wi-Fi & set Airplane Mode when not needed, and a few other Windows suggestions for power, but it still drains in under 5 hours.
The only other thing negative is no HDMI on it. I ordered a "Portable" Monitor that uses USB-C or Mini-HDMI. We'll see if that helps.

Good and cheaper alternative to SteamDeck and other Windows-based handhelds

Good and cheaper alternative to SteamDeck and other Windows-based gaming handhelds. Works fine so far, there's enough space to install games. Works fine with Xbox Launcher, Epic Games and Steam asn well as Big Picture mode. Some games won't play to max graphic settings, but adjust in them it is possible to play in a decent quality and balanced performance. Generally I'm Happy with the product. Thank you Anbernic.

Javier Melendez
It has the best both worlds

Great unit
It can play almost any portable game there is as well as most of the programs you use in your every day life on your PC

You have it all in a portable good looking and well made unit.

It was a great buy as well all of my Anbernic products I have bought in the past

James Houser
Not a bad steam deck.

It’s not actually an emulation device. It’s more of a steam deck with windows installed. That means it’s also a PC. Keep that in mind but all in all I like it

Pretty good

Shipping from purchase date to receiving order was a total of 21 days to AUS.
To those in AUS at the time of my purchase I paid a total of AUD $563 for the 3050e 8/256GB version.
Came well packaged,no problems.
Anbernic have also been pretty quick to reply to messages,compared to other sellers out there.
First I gotta say I did not buy or test this for windows or steam,its purely for Batocera.
However I still need to test Jelos.
But Ive been testing Batocera via the USB port currently but I plan to buy a 1 or 2TB SSD for it soon and run Batocera internally.
Screen quality is very nice. Sound through its speakers is loud enough but very little bass though.
This is a very good device for dpad gaming,as many yt video reviews will show you but if you plan to use the analogs a lot,namely the left one then yeah,its defo a little small and low for this device.However I have purchased some jotstick risers which increase the height a little so when you need to use the left stick and shoulder buttons at same time,it does help a little.
But all the buttons feel nice otherwise.
Cant properly comment on battery life using Batocera as Ive been only been testing on and off but depending on what system you are playing it would be fair to say between 2 and 3 hours,as video reviews would have also mentioned. But my hope is with Batocera battery life may be a little longer,not tested properly as yet though.
But that probably is the biggest negative of this device,battery life then the left stick position.
Performance though was good,you should be able to play almost all gamecube games bar a handful,and the majority as 2x as well (upscaled to the 720P of the screen)
xbox runs well as also,not everything but you should be able to play a large amount,some at 1x and some at 2x.
PS2 as well,a ton of games work,again,a mixture of 1x and 2x. Even God of War 1 and 2 at 1x runs at 60fps or close to,if you apply certain speed hacks to these games.
AGAIN,this was emulation testing was through Batocera OS.
So overall Im happy with it and what I want it for.
I cant comment on how it is with windows or steam gaming.
But I think if they ever made a battery upgrade for this it would be well worth it.
Thanks for reading.