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TAPER: Blue 16G
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-- Couleur : bleu/gris bronze/noir

-- Écran S : écran OLED de 4,95 pouces/960 x 544

-- CPU :Quad-Core 64 bits Cortex-A55, fréquence principale jusqu'à 1,8 GHz

-- RAM : LPDDR4 1 Go

-- Mémoire :16G (16G intégré, pas de jeu) ; 80G (carte TF 16G + 64G intégrée, jeux 4193 compatibles)

--WIFI/Bluetooth : 2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2

-- Fonction :Système LINUX

-- Jeux :Prise en charge de PSP, DC, NDS, N64, PS1, CPS1, CPS2, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GG, MSX, PCE, WSC, jeux de transplantation etc 20 types de format de jeux. Aidez les utilisateurs à télécharger des jeux dans des formats pertinents

-- Réseau Multimédia :Kodi : Musique, vidéo, TV...

-- Langue :Multilingue

-- Haut-parleur : Haut-parleur stéréo à double pavillon de haute qualité

-- Batterie :Li-polymère 3500 mAh, durée 6 heures.

-- Carte TF : Prend en charge la carte tf max jusqu'à 256 Go

-- Autre fonction : prend en charge les combats en ligne WIFI intégrés, le streaming, HDMI/prise en charge des écouteurs stéréo 3,5 mm/

Paramètre d'économie d'énergie, luminosité de l'écran et autres paramètres de propriétés fonctionnelles

Customer Reviews

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Christian Shiver
Kinda cool

I brought because I need something tobplay while waiting to save and then buy a steam deck. I play all the sense, gbc, and gba....and maybe n64. Psx and psp barely work but I still use it.

nathan jones

GreT handheld with a fantastic oled screen,perfect for gba and psp..not the most powerful device but,I love it and got it on sale.

Andrew Kator

The OLED screen is amazing and the case design is a lot more comfortable than previous designs. The controls and speakers are good. I've got mine running JELOS and I'm very happy with the performance. I'm happily playing PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, and PSP with no problems. N64 requires some settings tweaking but most titles are playable. For the price this is an excellent device. I can't emphasize enough how nice the OLED screen is.

Rob Meyer
Good with room for improvement

At the $139 price-point, this device delivered. The screen is amazing, the unit is very lightweight (Li-Po battery), and it plays the classics from NES, SNES, Genesis very well. I tried a couple N64 games with mixed results, PS1 likely similar. I’m more of a 2D retro fan so this device fits my needs, but I am wishing I had opted for a device with more refined OS, Settings, and app switching such as a device that can run windows.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kodi is installed and after some research, found there’s a Plex addin for Kodi. I wish I could install Plex natively, but don’t see a path for that yet.

On that note, I wish there was more official documentation and a central forum for Anbernic customers to help one-another. There’s a good chance some of my pain points have solutions. While they should work out-of-the-box, I’d be partially satisfied if there was a manual configuration available.

I expected more from the OS and factory settings. I haven’t been able to get game save states to work, or locate anything in the stock OS settings related to this functionality.

The charging states are really bizarre. When the device is in stand-by/hibernation and plugged in to charge, the system wakes up as soon as it hits 100%. Aside from waking me up with the bright light, this also makes it leave charging mode (despite still being plugged in) and the device drains to 30% by the time I wake up in the morning.

The volume setting also doesn’t show an overlay while playing a game, and the device forgets the previous volume setting upon a restart (defaulting to a pretty loud level).

Restarts are also a common occurrence because entering each game seems to reboot the device into a device-specific emulator OS. It’s bearable but not as slick as opening/closing/switching apps like we’re all accustomed from our phones.

Josh Johnson
The Rg503

I have had mine for a week or so now and this thing is what i wanted from my 351mp hdmi out with bluetooth to xbox one controllers is awsome on my 82inch tv.
The plastics could be a bit more rigid and the power and vol buttons feel softer than i would have liked everthing works great out of the box up to play station one
you cant go wrong anything after that is going to need tweeking with in the system files great product for some old school gaming on the go or as a home console for you and a friend