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Samuel Tuttle
Great device

It's great to use and is definitely a premium product, plays what it says it does and the controls are good, shoulder buttons are a little odd to use but other than that I love it


Great build quality. Premium feel. All buttons and dpad are responsive and just feel right. Blue color is striking. The screen is amazing with great resolution for classic systems. a few minor criticisms: no internal wifi, volume buttons instead of wheel, and a bit heavy vs plastic models. I knew this before purchasing so it was expected. Do yourself a favor and throw out the SD cards that came with the product and get some Samsung cards.
One thing that annoys me is the MicroSD cards aren't flush against the device but stick out a few millimeters. This hasn't gotten in the way of my hands when holding the device though.
Another bonus is the device is pocketful with good battery life. About 5 to 6 hours

The default firmware gets the job done but it is just barely passable. Look up a guide online to install custom firmware. I'm using Amberelec and the process was quick and easy. This system plays all systems up to ps1 flawlessly in my experience. It plays some n64 dreamcast and psp games but don't buy this primarily for those systems.
One other note. Gba has an aspect ratio of 3:2. This system is 4:3. Use sharp2x and lcd3x to somewhat remedy this.

To summarize get this of you like ps1 and below for a premium feel and an exceptional, pocketable, retro experience. This will be the only handheld I will use until GameCube and ps2 can be emulated at a more affordable price.

Be wary!!!

I received a defective product. Broken right out of the box. Device turned on and wouldn’t boot. Contacted customer service and they were no help. Could’ve been a language barrier issue but regardless the only help I got was “did you reset the system”. This is totally fine except it took over a week and multiple emails to finally get them to understand my issue and that I wanted to return the item. I shouldn’t have to send over 10 emails with video evidence explainng that the product doesn’t work as advertised. Don’t know if im going to get my refund because of how exhausting it’s been explaining that I just want to return their defective product. Bad customer service and bad communication on their part. Shipping a broken product is understandable. Not helping a paying customer when you literally have a return policy is not ok. I hope no one runs into the same issue I did. If you do, good luck. Otherwise I’ve heard this is a good product with cheap hardware. A lot of issues with the SD cards so take that with a grain of salt. I guess I just got unlucky though.

Terry McGill

Good product, but missing WiFi dongle and usb to usb c adapter.

Frank NL
Great device

The build quality is great, battery lifetime excellent, display is bright and crisp.

Reinstalled the firmware with AmberElec and I was ready to go. Reliving my childhood memories playing Zelda - A Link to the Past. Pleasantly surprised that the display still has enough resolution to apply some basic CRT shader to it. Mainly use it to play SNES, Gameboy (GB, GBA) and arcade games on it. Dreamcast is a bit too much for this device.
Happy with the purchase!