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*La última versión V1.22 de RG505 Android 12:

Guía de actualización del sistema

1.Optimizar el sistema

2.Optimizar la interfaz del emulador
(Asegúrese de que la batería sea suficiente o siga cargando para completar la actualización!)


Color Gris, Turquesa, Amarillo
Pantalla Pantalla táctil OLED de 4,95 pulgadas, resolución 960*544, pantalla PSP de píxel a píxel, soporte de resolución de renderizado 2x
CPU Unisoc Tiger T618 64 bits octa-core 2*A75@2.0GHz+6*A55@2.0GHz
GPU Malí G52@850Mhz
Memoria eMMC 5.1 HS400 de alta velocidad de 128 GB
Tarjeta TF Versión estándar (configuración de memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC) -(sin tarjeta SD para juegos) ;
Versión estándar (configuración de memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC) +128G (3154 juegos compatibles) ;
Versión estándar (configuración de memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)+256G (
juegos 4242 compatibles)
WIFI/Bluetooth 2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 5.0
Sistema Android 12(versión actualizada)
Juegos Admite juegos de Android, sadmite 20+ tipos de simuladores.
 Admite a los usuarios descargar juegos en formatos relevantes
Software interfaz de juego integrada, admite reproducción multimedia en red
Idioma Multilenguaje
Altavoz Altavoz estéreo de doble bocina de alta calidad
Batería Li-polímero 5000 mAh, 2,5 horas de carga completa, duración de 8 horas
Tarjeta TF Admite tarjeta tf con un máximo de 512 GB
Otra función Joystick Hall integrado , sensor de giroscopio de 6 ejes, soporte Actualización OTA , admite WIFI integrado olucha en línea, transmisión, transmisión, motor vibratorio, compatible con auriculares estéreo de 3,5 mm,
configuración de ahorro de energía, brillo de la pantalla y otras configuraciones de propiedades funcionales
Accesorios Cable de carga USB, caja de regalo, manual de usuario, protector de pantalla
Especificación de la caja largo 23,4 cm*ancho 11 cm*alto 3,1 cm*peso0,469 kg
Especificación de la consola largo 18,9 cm*ancho 8,7 cm*alto 1,8 cm*peso0,286 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Ben Nelson
Not a real oy

Just like my title, my system is missing a letter.

Other than that it's a good system.

Oscar Pascacio-Duran
Very good

Its very good it runs at 60 fps and has some good games on it to, but it could have more games

cody rodman
Great device for PS2

Bought it to play old PS2 games, it works great, just accidently reformatted my micro SD card when I installed it, don't format anything that comes with it,you will lose all your games

Robert Gregory
Nice not so much

Bought the device and so far no issues hardware wise. Only issue I have. Is I ordered the device from the USA distributor but the memory card came with more then half of the games in Japanese. Which i cant read

I do admit the R2/L2 buttons are uncomfortable to use but not horrible

Richele Knaus
Great but has its downfalls

The handheld is great. Though it does have its flaws.

Casting is not an option. The delay makes any games unplayable on the big screen. Same with Bluetooth headphones…

The L1/2 and R1/2 are awkwardly placed. I don’t understand how they have not been constructed stackable yet. This has been a complaint on several ANBERNIC devices now.

The hardware has been solid. It can emulate SOME PS2 and Wii games. I’ve tried several and have had success with some configuration changes. I haven’t come across any issues with emulating consoles lower then the PS2. GameCube, N64, GBA, SNES, NES… no issues. Tho you will have to find the ROMS of the more popular games and install them yourselves. Very simple process.

I wish it was dual load like the RG353V . I wish it had the Micro HDMI plugs like the RG353V.

There were a lot of missed opportunities with this device but overall…. I am happy.