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ESCRIBE: Black T 16G

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Modelo RG353VS RG353V
Color Negro transparente/ Gris Negro transparente/ Gris/ Blanco/ Púrpura transparente
Sistema LINUX (el sistema Linux de 64 bits es compatible con aplicaciones de 32 bits) Android 11, LINUX (el sistema Linux de 64 bits es compatible con aplicaciones de 32 bits)
Pantalla Ángulo de visión completo IPS de 3,5 pulgadas, distancia cero OCA ajuste completo/640*480
Pantalla táctil
No Multitáctil
CPU RK3566 Quad-Core 64 bit Cortex-A55, frecuencia principal hasta 1,8 GHz
Memoria TF de 16 GB eMMC 5.1 de alta velocidad de 32 GB + TF de 16 GB
WIFI 2,4/5G 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 4,2
Juegos / Soporte: juegos de Android (Honor of Kings, etc.)

Admite más de 20 tipos de simuladores.
 Admite a los usuarios descargar juegos en formatos relevantes.

Software El sistema LINUX admite función de mango con cable
Admite reproducción multimedia en red
El sistema LINUX admite función de mango con cable, front-end integrado de Android
Admite reproducción multimedia en red
Idioma Multilenguaje
Orador Altavoz de bocina única
Batería Li-polímero 3200 mAh, duración de 6 horas
Tarjeta TF Soporta tarjeta tf máximo a 512GB
Tarjeta SD RG353VS:16G (sin juego); 16G+64G (juegos 4393 compatibles);
16G+256G (juegos 4293 compatibles);
RG353V:16G (sin juego); 16G+64G (juegos 4403 compatibles) ;
16G+256G (juegos 4303 compatibles)
Otra función CompatibleWIFI incorporado para peleas en línea, streaming, HDMI, motor vibratorio, sadmite auriculares estéreo de 3,5 mm,
configuración de ahorro de energía, brillo de pantalla y otras funciones configuración de propiedades
Accesorios Cable de carga USB, caja de regalo, manual de usuario, protector de pantalla
Apariencia Aspecto exquisito, sensación cómoda, te permite acariciarlo con admiración
Tamaño 12,6 cm*8,3 cm*2,1 cm
Peso 0,18 kg



Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Haron Ahmed
Great service great device

Thank you guys for the support, the speedy delivery and the troubleshooting help.

Valentin Muscalu
Fun and time-consuming

It's been a few weeks since we've had it, and I've tried many of the games. We tried to put other games on it. It has many empty folders (which emulators have no games). Many games are not really playable, you have no chance.
Android without Google Play is a minus, and I didn't manage to install it.

Alex Down
Great bit of kit, couple of mi or points.

This isba really brilliant product for the price. Firstly the number of games you have is amazing, maybe too much, would be good if you could pick a choose games for the your favourites. It took a while to search through and find the ones I wanted there is only one game I am not really happy with and the would be golden eye. Irrespextive how you have the co tools, when you move forwards the view goes up and when you move back it goes down. So your either looking at the sky or down to the ground. I was hoping to have super marios bros on the console but after searching I cant find it. Other than that the game play, clarity is amazing for all other games. It is like your playing them for the first time. Overall very I pressed.

Mukhit Adilbekov
Best Quality

Received as promised. Enjoying playing. Fantastic

Bruce Collins jr
Best product to buy

I love it since I got it I haven’t put it done since,an it came faster than I expected.