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Works just like you'd expect. I flashed it over to a more updated amberelec version and it's basically doing everything I could hope for.

Teresa Hoskins

Very nice and my son hasn’t put it down

Jiri Beck
Great Device

Works really flawless. I have ArkOS installed on my SD card and all games I was looking for to play works like a charm. I love and play PSX, NES, SNES, GB (yes, that is really fun to play Street Fighter 2 again on small monochrome display) and GBA games, didn't try PSP or GameCube games.
Device looks really good too. I was little bit afraid of plastics, but everything is firm and well done. And even missing wifi is nothing to be worried about. You can add all games and stuff via card reader in any laptop.
I recommend this device to everyone who wants to play classic games on the go.

Quite good

So far I have ran GBA, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and SNES games using ArkOS and the experience has been fantastic. However, when the unit arrived the included sd card was defective and was unreadable by both the RG351P and multiple computers I tried plugging it into, and any attempt to format it resulted in various errors. Judging from various videos and reviews this does appear to be quite uncommon and unlucky. After that minor annoyance I have nothing but good things to say about this device. GBA emulation is absolutely awesome and I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a good GBA emulation experience.

Pretty great

The build feels very high quality for beeing plastic. I have used it mainly for pokemon gba rom hacks.
It arrived after a little over 1 week.
The battery life is alright and the transfer og games goes fast and easy over wifi.
The software is a bit spotty at times, but it rarely crashes.
Turning it on and off is slightly tricky at first. If you tap the off button it only turns off the screen, if you want it completely off you have to hold it for a few second and let go and even then it sometimes only turns off the screen.
Over all i am very satisfied and for the price it is the absolute best product on the market