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MODELO: RG351M 64G Grey

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RG351M com revestimento de liga de alumínio (RG351P com caixa de plástico), CPU RK3326.RG351M atualizado de RG351P, WiFi integrado (RG351P sem WiFi interno).Suporta mais de 20 tipos de simulador.Suporte aos usuários para baixar o formato relevante do jogo .

[RG351M Linux Game Console] [CPU: RK3326 Quad Core 1,5 GHz] [GPU: Mali-G31 MP2] Tela IPS de laminação completa de 3,5 polegadas.Construído em WiFi Online Combat.Cartão de 64GB com emuladores de jogos dentro.

--Cor: preto fosco/cinza espacial
--Material: concha de liga de alumínio, processo CNC
--S Tela: tela IPS de 3,5 polegadas, Laminação OCAfull/320*480
--CPU: RK3326 quad core 1,5 GHz
--GPU: Mali-G31 MP2
--Memória: 64G (64G integrado, compatível com mais de 2.400 jogos)
--Sistema: sistema Linux de código aberto--Idioma: vários idiomas
--Alto-falante: alto-falante estéreo de buzina dupla de alta qualidade
--Bateria: polímero de lítio 3500 mAh , com duração de 8 horas.
--Cartão TF: Suporte cartão tf máximo de 256GB
--Carregamento: carregamento 1.3A/carga máxima correspondente 2A/cabo de carregamento USB / 4 horas de carga completa
--Outra função: SuporteWIFI sparring on-line integrado/Rocker 3D duplo/Suporta fones de ouvido estéreo de 3,5 mm.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Jesse Juelfs
Anbernic needs more recognition

Very well built and easy to operate. So many games I will probably never play them all. If you are looking for a excellent all around game system, go with anbernic.

Sam Evans
Good - device

The device works well, the sd card it came with did not. Thankfully I had no intention of using the sd it came with. I got a Samsung sd card from a local store as recommended by "RetroGameCorps" and used my own rom library along with amberelec. Good device, exactly what I was expecting hence the five stars. Two things could have been better, one during the payment prosses my credit card company detected this website as having common elements with card fishing sites so they phoned me to make sure I really did want to allow the transaction to go through with the transaction despite the risk of it being a scamsite. Two allowing shipping direct to New Zealand from Australia would have been preferable, shipping from china takes way too long so I had it shipped from Australia to an intermediary in Sydney which then shipped it to me in New Zealand. Excluding time with the intermediary the shipping took 8 days.

Sam Middle
Best investment

Ok I get it, it’s a item people don’t know about from a company people don’t know much about, but this is the best thing I have purchased in a long time. There is no reason to be skeptical to purchase, all the retro games run perfectly and come preloaded ready to run. Only downside is higher demand games like GTA are a little choppy, but fortunately still very playable. I can’t recommend this system enough, no more risking my computer with unknown ROMs.

Jesus Cardenas
This is my go to device!

This is by far one of my favorite handhelds of all time, the quality and screen look amazing, would recommend!!

Michael Copenhaver

This device is gorgeous in grey. The metal gives it a really good weighted premium feel while being very ergonomic (which is important to me because I have big hands). It feels like a DS mixed with a Vita. After removing the stock firmware and replacing the SD card, everything runs much smoother. Plays most consoles extremely well. The only downside is that N64, DS, and PSP games stutter a lot and need some fine-tuning to run. However, PSX games run perfectly and just feels right on the RG351M. A friend of mine liked it so much that he got his own.