Envio de: China
MODELO: Gray 16G
Preço promocional$79.99 USD Preço normal$108.99 USD


Cor do grão de madeira/preto transparente/cinza

Tela S

tela IPS de 3,5 polegadas, laminação OCAfull/640*480


RK3326 quad core 1,5 GHz


Mali-G31 MP2




16G (16G embutido, sem jogo); 80G (cartão TF 16G + 64G embutido, compatível 2400 jogos)


Sistema Linux de código aberto


Com motor vibratório e suporte perfeito: NDSN64DCPSPPS1openborCPS1CPS2FBANEOGEONEOGEOPOCKETGBAGBCGB SFCFCMDSMSGGMSXPCEWSCjogos de transplante etc 20 tipos de formato de jogos. Ajude os usuários a baixar o formato relevante do jogo.


vários idiomas


Alto-falante de alta qualidade


Li-polímero 3900 mAh, com duração de 6 horas.

cartão TF

Cartão tf duplo, suporte a expansão máxima de 256 GB


1.3A carregamento/carga máxima correspondente 2A/cabo de carregamento USB/4 horas de carga completa

Dissipação de Energia

O maior consumo de energia é 700mA, e o consumo de energia no estado de desligamento é 16uA

Outra função

Suporte sparring on-line integrado WIFI/roqueiro 3D/suporte a fones de ouvido de 3,5 mm.


Cabo de carregamento USB, caixa de presente, manual do usuário


Aparência requintada, sensação confortável, deixa você acariciar com admiração

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Luke Porter

Great device does exactly what I need.

Reto D.
Good product, a lot of fun


Luca Bianchetti
Ottimo prodotto

Consiglio vivamente.
La consolle funziona perfettamente, puoi avere sempre con te migliaia di giochi.

Paul Pickford
Amazing quality!

Considering the price and size of this handheld it produces high quality retro gaming straight out of the box, the hardware and software go together perfectly, I would recommend this to anyone who want to pickup and play anything upto and including the ps1 era.
It is easy to add games and YouTube videos a plenty to help fine tune it if your a novice, and if you do mess up it has an option to reset it all back to default.

I look forward to seeing how they improve these devices with better hardware in the future, until then I will be going through enough of a back catalogue to keep me entertained for sure.

If you are on the fence I would say just take the leap already, you won't regret it.

I purchased the wood grain version and it fits no problem in my combat pants, I carry it with me everyday and it has no scratches etc.

Dan Welch
Good stuff

-comes with ~1 million classic games preloaded
-great battery life
-solid construction, I love how it looks and feels like a classic GameBoy
-great video quality, all games look awesome
-built in fast forward and save state buttons
-has WiFi connectivity. I haven’t used it but I like that it’s an option.
-very customizable. I’m not the techiest guy I know but if I was I would constantly be playing with the settings to personalize this device.

-comes with some games that NOBODY wants, and doesn’t have games that EVERYBODY wants. IE has EVERY nintendogs ever, but does not have gen 1-5 Pokémon games- some of the most popular handheld titles ever.
-OS is not the most intuitive. Took me weeks to figure out how to go back to the main menu when in-game.
-I tried to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the c buttons. Also there are just very few N64 or DS games preloaded.

Overall- if you’re on the fence about getting a handheld emulator device, this is FANTASTIC. I love it and use it daily. It’s kind of like the perfect GameBoy. BUT! there are like some weird minor problems that are probably fixable by downloading another OS.