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*Versão mais recente do sistema RG405M V1.18
1.Otimizar o sistema
2.Otimizar o front-end do emulador


Cor Preto/Cinza
Material Processo CNC de liga de alumínio
Tela Tela de toque IPS de 4 polegadas, resolução 640*480
CPU Unisoc Tiger T618 64 bits octa-core 2*A75@2.0GHz+6*A55@2.0GHz
GPU Mali G52@850Mhz
RAM 4 GB LPDDR4X@1866Mhz
Armazenamento eMMC de 128 GB
Cartão TF Versão padrão (configuração de memória: 4G DDR4 + 128G eMMC) - (sem cartão SD de jogo) ;
Versão padrão (configuração de memória: 4G DDR4 + 128G eMMC) + 128G ( jogos 3172 compatíveis);
Versão padrão (configuração de memória:4G DDR4+128G eMMC)+256G (compatível com 4267 jogos)
2.4/5G WI-FI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 5.0
Sistema Android 12
Jogos Suporte para jogos Android, suporte para mais de 20 tipos de simuladores.
Apoie os usuários para baixar jogos em formatos relevantes
Software Front-end de jogo integrado
Idioma Multilíngue
Alto-falante Alto-falante de alta fidelidade
Bateria Bateria de polímero de lítio de 4.500 mAh, carregamento de 2 horas, duração da bateria de 7 horas
Cartão TF Suporta expansão de cartão TF, até 2TB
Outra função Joystick Hall integrado, sensor giroscópio de seis eixos, suporte Atualização sem fio OTA, matchmaking on-line, streaming, tela de projeção sem fio, motor de vibração,
suporte para fones de ouvido estéreo de 3,5 mm,
configuração de economia de energia, brilho da tela e outras configurações de propriedades funcionais
Acessórios Cabo de carregamento USB, caixa de presente, manual do usuário, protetor de tela
Especificação da caixa 

comprimento 21,5cm largura 10cm altura 3cm peso 0,413kg
Especificação do console    comprimento 16,3 cm largura 7,6 cm altura 1,59 cm peso 0,260kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Curtis Lee
For the money

Exceptional value for the price. Controls are responsive and the stock OS runs anything through PS1 flawlessly. Many PS2 games work well, but some experience lag. Overall, for a sub $200 device no one can complain. The aluminum body is great, and stock android OS works like any other.

Another fantastic handheld from Anbernic

I've been using my RG405M for a few weeks now and it's a lovely device. What I like most about it is the size combined with the 4" 4:3 screen. Anbernic has multiple other devices with a similar form factor but only a 3.5". That extra half-inch really makes all the difference in this being a still pocketable device while retaining a large screen.

The only thing that I would have prefer is having the dpad over the analog stick, as I'd say that a good 80% of my time is spent playing games that were designed for dpads instead of analog sticks. Having the dpad above the analog would give your hands a more natural position for that primary gaming experience. It's not bad, just what I would have preferred.

Overall, it's a well-built, premium feeling handheld that I hope Anbernic continues to iterate on. This is a fantastic form factor that should continue to be part of their portfolio.

Jared Koval
First time user

Build quality, awesome, feels like an awesome premium console. Battery last forever, rarely shut it of. I been messing with some ps one games and have some small glitch issues, but nothing I can't deal with. I might have to mess with some emulator issues. Other than that one of my best investments I have gotten in a while. Great quality, great game play amd exactly what I was looking for. Over a month in still loving it but have yet to check to many other games. Although missing some of my faves, I have learn that I can add roms which I haven't yet but will try later. Really wished it had ff7 but beggars can't be choosers. Will not disappoint

Megan O'Connor
Quite nice, but haven't figured it out yet.

Pros: incredible storage of games comes with only a few button presses, but my friend who set it up for me had to rebind or reroute the home key to have the nice game selection panels open for easy browsing.

It seems like the model he bought, the portrait style persay (if this is landscape),, has a button my doesn't have, so I would consider that if I were making this choice again.

But it's not a big deal to me, other than I can't figure out how to get back to the android home screen. Without rebinding again.

Federico Flores
Great gaming console!

Lots of old school games and a great selection of old systems!