Envio de: China
MODELO: Black T 16G
Preço promocional$107.99 USD Preço normal$120.99 USD
Economize $13.00


Modelo RG353VS RG353V
Cor Preto transparente/ Cinza Preto transparente/ Cinza/ Branco/ Roxo transparente
Sistema LINUX(O sistema Linux de 64 bits é compatível com aplicativos de 32 bits) Android 11, LINUX(O sistema Linux de 64 bits é compatível com aplicativos de 32 bits)
Tela Ângulo de visão completo IPS de 3,5 polegadas, distância zero OCA ajuste completo/ 640*480
sensível ao toque
Não Multitoque
CPU RK3566 Quad-Core 64 bit Cortex-A55, frequência principal de até 1,8 GHz
Memória 16GB TF 32 GB de alta velocidade eMMC 5.1 + 16 GB TF
2.4/5G WI-FI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 4.2
Jogos / Suporte: jogos Android (Honor of Kings, etc.)

Compatível com mais de 20 tipos de simulador.
 Apoie os usuários no download de jogos em formatos relevantes.

Software O sistema LINUX suporta função de alça com fio
Suporta reprodução em rede multimídia
O sistema LINUX suporta função de alça com fio, front-end Android integrado
Suporta reprodução em rede multimídia
Idioma Multilíngue
Alto-falante Alto-falante de corneta única
Bateria Li-polímero 3200 mAh, com duração de 6 horas
cartão TF Suporta cartão TF de no máximo 512GB
cartão SD RG353VS:16G (sem jogo); 16G+64G (jogos 4393 compatíveis);
16G+256G (jogos 4293 compatíveis);
RG353V:16G (sem jogo); 16G+64G (jogos 4403 compatíveis);
16G+256G (jogos 4303 compatíveis)
Outra função Suporta combate on-line WIFI integrado, streaming, HDMI, motor vibratório, suporte para fones de ouvido estéreo de 3,5 mm,
configuração de economia de energia, brilho da tela e outras funções configurações de propriedades
Acessórios Cabo de carregamento USB, caixa de presente, manual do usuário, protetor de tela
Aparência Aparência requintada, sensação confortável, permite que você acaricie com admiração
Tamanho 12,6 cm*8,3 cm*2,1 cm
Peso 0,18kg



Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Carolyn Witte
So far it s a great buy!

My son loves this early Christmas present & shipping was fast!

Ashley Parry

Love this little machine. So many old games I played when I was little!

Jose Hernandez
RG 353V

Arrived fairly quick, works and plays as expected! Most games run perfect, some slowdowns on more graphic intensive games PS2/N64/GameCube but perfect for most earlier consoles and arcade classics.

Bluetooth controller setup and HDMI setup on the stock OS are somewhat difficult to get working without spending at least 5 minutes on setup Everytime but once it works it's solid. Booting into Android seems to have a lot less issues with HDMI, plug and play like any other HDMI device and Bluetooth controller setup is easy. Bonus that multiple controllers can be connected in both OS's.

Overall definitely worth the money and the included games are a bonus. Playing multiplayer on big screen w my friends and family will be the main selling point for me :)

matt pavelich
Not bad

So far I'm enjoying it, however most the video's I've seen advertising this system show Mario, and Pokémon games being played as if they are pre-installed when they are not. Still need to figure out how to download them onto the SD card, but otherwise I think it's a great investment

John Mestemacher
Excellent device. But I have to baby it.

The device itself is awesome. It plays everything I could want, from NES all the way up into PSP and ps1. I haven't tried Gamecube or PS2 on there, but I somewhat doubt they will perform impressively, as PSP has trouble from time to time. The main problem I have with this device is I have to treat it so gently. Whenever I put it in my pocket, I have to worry about bumping into stuff or it being crushed in my pocket. I worry that the sticks and the rear triggers will be damaged. I've already had a couple times where the triggers got set in a weird way so that they needed to be clicked back into place. And I'm not sure, but it feels like there is something weird going on with my left thumbstick. I love this thing, but I want it to be tougher. I want it to feel tougher. And maybe waterproof or resistant? I know that's a pie in the sky dream, but it would be cool if I could just throw this thing in my pocket and not have to worry about it