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TYPE: Gray Standard Version
Precio de oferta$167.99 USD

*Última versión del sistema RG405M V1.18
1.Optimizar el sistema
2.Optimizar la interfaz del emulador


Color Negro/Gris
Material Proceso CNC de aleación de aluminio
Pantalla Pantalla táctil IPS de 4 pulgadas, resolución 640*480
CPU Unisoc Tiger T618 64 bits octa-core 2*A75@2.0GHz+6*A55@2.0GHz
GPU Malí G52@850Mhz
Almacenamiento eMMC de 128 GB
Tarjeta TF Versión estándar (configuración de memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)-(sin tarjeta SD para juegos) 
Versión estándar (configuración de memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)+128G ( juegos 3172 compatibles);
Versión estándar (configuración de memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)+256G (juegos 4267 compatibles)
2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 5.0
Sistema Android 12
Juegos Admite juegos de Android, admite más de 20 tipos de simuladores.
Admite a los usuarios descargar juegos en formatos relevantes
Software Interfaz de juego integrada 
Idioma Multilenguaje
Orador Altavoz de alta fidelidad
Batería Batería de polímero de litio de 4500 mAh, carga de 2 horas, duración de la batería de 7 horas
Tarjeta TF Admite expansión de tarjeta TF, hasta 2 TB
Otra función Joystick Hall integrado, soporte Actualización inalámbrica OTA, emparejamiento en línea, streaming, pantalla de proyección inalámbrica, motor de vibración,
admite auriculares estéreo de 3,5 mm,
configuración de ahorro de energía, brillo de la pantalla y otras configuraciones de propiedades funcionales
Accesorios Cable de carga USB, caja de regalo, manual de usuario, protector de pantalla
longitud 21,5 cm ancho 10cm altura 3cm peso 0,413 kg
Especificación de la consola    longitud 16,3 cm ancho 7,6 cm altura 1,59 cm peso 0,260 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Anatolii Shmatov
Solid handheld with no need for compromises

It's smaller than you might expect, but big enough to be comfortable, once you get used to it.
Any games up to Dreamcast work as good, as the emulator does.
Brief tests on Dreamcast showed great results, but I haven't tried anything on heavier side yet.
General diversified is: you set it up once, then you just plug in the ROM you want to play and it works without hiccups

Ibrahim Ghadban
Ordering another one!

I obviously did some research before purchasing, but the RG405M is exactly what I was looking for. Small enough to keep in a small bag or fanny pack, but not lacking on quality. I love the feel of this device in the hand. It was my very first portable gaming device so the setup was a bit tedious, but once you get it loaded up, you won't get enough. I have to order another one because my sister can't stop playing mine! Anbernic for the W.

Likely the best Handheld

1st off; the shopping experience is positive, all the way through. No complaints there.

The Anbernic RG405M is everything a Handheld Device SHOULD BE; a simple & clean design, but with the right amount of functions;
Screen, Buttons, etc, on board

The metallic aluminum finish is luxurious in the hand, along with rubber grips on the backside, for better grip, as well as kerping the device from sliding around on a surface

I especially love how the metal feels, cold or warm to the touch, especially on hot or cold days

The Buttons all have the right sort of look & feel; comfortable to use, responsive, & easy on the eyes; contrasting from the black metal finish

The screen is noticeable, apart from the black metal, when turned off

When turned on; the screen is vibrant; &
Shows every detail in both Menus & Games;
I notice pixel Sprite textures & details I've never before seen on a Game's original system; like NES

The performance is fast, snappy; both in Menus & in Games

The Programs & Settings were complicated to me at 1st; but after some tinkering I was able to understand better, in the myriad Settings & Menus, the more I looked through said Menus & Settings - this applies to both the System & Games

Also, the fact it has Google Play; means a world of Apps are available; like Mega Man X Dive (or Rock Man X Dive) - were playable at full speed & smoothness - albiet with tiny text & lack of Controller support - the Touch Screen Controls just don't for such a game

The sounds & graphics are AMAZING on both the device's Menus & Games - I would test a Game, to see if it works; only to be enthralled to the Music on the Title Screen - music is a central part of any Game, especially older Retro Games

All the needed Features & Specs are here:
Wifi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, Internal Memory of 128 gb - which was more than enough to store my entire ROMs Library; from NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, MAME, TG-16, N64,
Neo Geo... even a few PC Games

& USB C Port

Any device lacking Wifi, Touch Screen, USB C,
Internal Memory of at least 64 gb or more;
(16 gb is as low as I'm willing to go, if the price is right)

I'm trying to figure out how to get more ROMs,
My Abandon Ware is a GREAT source

This all gives the device a premium look & feel;
Especially for the Price

I would say, that Anbernic RG405M is a top shelf item in its class, punching well above its weight

Side Note:
The RG505 has pretty much the exact same user interface as RG405M - which is good; because I'm given a Setup that is immediately familiar - so I know what to do, from the Start

Also - you can link up both RG405M & RG505,
via double ended USB C cables & adapters; &
Move or Copy Items back & forth between the 2 devices

Also, setting up the device is as simple as any
Portable Gaming device - just follow the on screen guide

I would 1000% recommend both Anbernic & their handhelds; especially RG405M & RG505

Christopher Feiler
Awesome pawsome

super ultra mega cool man. build quality is excellent feels good in the hands as far as comfort while playing and just all around most excellent.

Harold Torres

I can't say anything bad for a first time buy! I mean I can play so many games I would have to say my favorite would have to be the PSP! It just runs so smoothly I can't put it down! Would recommend to anyone that wants to have a gaming device to just pick up and go! One critique I would say about the device would be the start up how I would put the UI in Game Mode instead of an annual Android startup for the average user. Otherwise than that it is a blast to have!