Tu carrito

1. Acerca del tiempo de entrega: 1-3 días hábiles

  • A menos que se indique lo contrario en el canal de pedidos, Anbernic envía todos los artículos dentro de los tres días posteriores a la recepción de un pedido.

    *La entrega se retrasará de 2 a 3 días hábiles en caso de pedidos muy grandes para lanzamiento de nuevos productos o  vacaciones legales.

2.Scamino de moda  y Tiempo de envío


Observación: la forma de envío de otros países de destino fuera del formulario también puede ser una entrega urgente como FedEx. Para obtener más información, consulte la página de pago o consulte con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente.

*El número de seguimiento se enviará a su correo electrónico tan pronto como se envíen los pedidos. Puede comprobar el estado del envío en el sistema de mensajería en un plazo de 12 horas.
*Si necesita ayuda para realizar el seguimiento de su envío o si tiene dudas sobre el tiempo de entrega, estaremos disponibles para responder a sus preguntas. Simplemente envíenos un correo electrónico para obtener la respuesta.

3. Acerca de los gastos de envío:

Todas las tarifas de envío se calculan automáticamente según el peso real (kilogramos) de los productos o las dimensiones físicas reales de los productos y la ubicación de los destinatarios.

Para determinar la tarifa de envío aplicable para los artículos en su carrito:

  1. Seleccione Continuar con el pago
  2. Seleccione o agregue su dirección de envío
  3. Seleccione una velocidad de envío y seleccione Continuar
  4. Seleccione un método de pago y seleccione Continuar

El costo total de envío y manejo aparecerá en Resumen del pedido.

Todos los pedidos deben pagarse en su totalidad y por adelantado, incluidos los gastos de envío. Los gastos de envío no son reembolsables, excepto en casos excepcionales de entrega incorrecta.

Si se confirma la pérdida, el robo o el daño de una entrega antes de recibirla, trabajaremos con el servicio de mensajería para obtener información y organizar un reembolso o reemplazo sin costo adicional para usted.

4. Acerca de cambiar la dirección de entrega:

  • Para los pedidos que ya han sido enviados, en principio,Anbernic no puede cambiar las direcciones de envío.
  • Para pedidos que aún no se han enviado, comuníquese con el servicio de atención al cliente oficial de Anbernic a tiempo, dirección de correo electrónico: contact@anbernic.com

5. Acerca de la cancelación de un pedido

: los clientes pueden cancelar un pedido antes de que se haya enviado. Para cancelar un pedido, siga estos pasos:

  • Envíe un correo electrónico a contact@anbernic.com
  • Pon la solicitud de cancelación en el asunto
  • Incluya su número de pedido

-Si su pedido ya se envió, consulte la Política de devoluciones.

No dude en llamar si tiene alguna otra pregunta sobre la cancelación.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    Great so far.

    I've tested a handful of games but only played a lot of Final Fantasy 1 on the GBA. It runs well. Though there are slight audio issues, but not enough to really complain.

    Everything retro has run fine so far. Ape Escape, Metal Gear Solid, and Tomb Raider on PS1 seemed to play just fine. I didn't put a lot of time into them but enough to assume it would play the whole game with minimal issues.

    The only issues I've had so far is a stuck green pixel. I only notice it when the console is booting so, again, I can't knock it too bard.

    Just as I expected

    This is a solid game console. It’s exactly what I was looking for as I wanted something for Sega and older. The one thing I will say are the buttons are raised higher than I desire making tough to slide across buttons for certain games like Mario (trying to sprint to jump). Thinking of buying the newest model to play some later consoles like PS1 and Dreamcast


    I was really impressed by the device. I had read good review on retrododo.com and was expecting something good, but this device combined with the custom ArkOS operating system, is really great! An excellent device for a great price tag! I do get regular device freeze, but it's not clear if it's arkos related or device related. It seems to happen more often when the wifi dongle is on the device.

    David Frye
    Great handheld

    Excellent build, excellent emulation experience.

    Awesome portable

    This console is really awesome. It's quite well made, particularly considering it wasn't made by a mega corporation company, along the likes of Nintendo. It feels good to hold, the inputs are responsive and have a satisfying click to them.

    I'm a programmer and tinkerer, so I really love how you can just swap out the operating system on it, SSH into the device, or even load your own software on it. It really adds a whole extra dimension to the system and lets you try your own games on a handheld easily. Particularly if they are SDL2 based since many of the OS options for this device come with it.

    As running games it does a great job at it too. The screen dimensions are particularly suited for the GBA though, being twice the screen resolution. However because of that, any other "regular" system like the SNES or Genesis won't display pixel perfect because of the screen dimensions. It's not a big deal though, I just set it to scale games to fit 4/3 with bilinear filter on. It sort of gives it a more "authentic" feel, somewhat emulating a CRT screen blur. And it's less battery demanding than using a CRT filter too. Though if you plan to play more standard 4/3 resolution games and want it pixel perfect, it might be wise to compare the other models offered here that have the screen for that. It's also really nice to be able to enter sleep mode with it waking quickly so you can go in and out of games throughout the day(s). Ever since I got used to that from the modern Game & Watches and Switch, it's been really hard imagining not having that quick jump in and out functionality in a handheld and glad this system does a great job at it. Or at least the OS I have does, which is 351elec.

    The battery life seems decent too. I've been able to have it going on two days without a charge while doing some frequent pickup and play throughout the two days. Great to have on the side ready to go.

    I also appreciated the WiFi dongle that was provided. While sure it'd be nice if WiFi was built in, this was still really wonderful not needing to go out and find an adapter that would work with the system and I could connect wirelessly right out of the box. Definitely the next. best thing. In a way it's also nice having it as extra hardware because it easily reminds you about it. That way you won't forget and leave WiFi on when it's not needed to help conserve battery power for longer play.

    Overall, a great system for retro gaming and a really cool system for tinkerers to mess around with.