Free Prizes:

Special Prize 👉 1 winner   🎁  RG552
First Prize      👉 1 winner   🎁  RG351MP
Second Prize 👉 2 winners 🎁  RG351V
Third Prize     👉 3 winners 🎁  RG351P
Lucky Prize    👉 5 winners 🎁  RG300X

*Each client can only get one of these awards

How to participate in the lucky draw?

  1. Follow the ANBERNIC Official TikTok.(
  2. —If you have an ANBERNIC game console, post an video of the console on tiktok with the tags #anbernic and #productmodel, then @anbernic.
    The video can be introducing the console,or creative unboxing of the console, do whatever you find interesting.
    If you don't have ANBERNIC console yet, you can also Duet (how to duet on tiktok)with ANBERNIC lottery video and add the tags #anbernic #anbernicgiveaway. You can introduce this event, or give some advice to anbernic, or share some interesting retro game and so on.
    *The video content must be original, and the duration must be more than 10S. It cannot be deleted during the event.
  3. If the volume reach 500, you will have a chance to win. You can share the video with your friends to increase the volume.

How to get the lottery number?

  1. Before 2022/05/09 00:00:00 (PDT), send the screenshots of videos with more than 500 views and the screenshots of Anbernic you have followed to the following email address (, and provide your name and contact information.                                
  2. The customer service will reply the lottery number to you.
    *(Email is the only way to get lottery numbers, please be sure to contact via email:

When To Win The Lottery?

Time: 2022/05/11 20:00:00 (PDT) START

Where: Anbernic Tiktok Live Room(

Customers with lottery numbers please enter ANBERNIC's TikTok live room during the lottery time,we will run the lottery online.

Announcement Of Winning Results👇