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Inheriting the classics and directing the future

In 2017, the ANBERNIC brand was born.

Since the launch of the Retrogame (RG) series, Anbernic has developed and produced a large number of portable game console products, and has received good reviews from customers all over the world with high quality. Especially in recent years, with the development of the open source community, our vision has improved. We aim to allow users to comfortably run applications such as games and multimedia software using our products.

The goal of the Anbernic brand is to provide retro gaming players and developers in the open source community with smart gaming devices and peripherals that meet the needs of market segmentation. In short, support with players and developers is essential for any Anbernic product.

Anbernic is a fast-growing brand. This is due to the excellent management and technical teams repeatedly innovating their products based on market feedback.

To provide our customers with quality service, Anbernic has a globalized e-commerce platform that allows you to purchase all the electronic products you need at a reasonable price with peace of mind.

Anbernic's main products are:

Portable game console:

Retro Game Series (2017-2019)

Retro Mini Series (2017)

RG300 series (2019)

RG350 series (2019-2020) (including RG350, RG350M, RG280M, RG280V)

RG99 series (2020)

RG351 series (2020)(RG351MP.RG351M,RG351P)

RG552 (2022)



Arcade machine:

Retro Arcade Series

Retro Arcade Mini Series

Home video game console:

X-GAME series

X-PRO series

Pre-sales and after-sales Contact:
Business cooperation Contact: