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About the RG556

Game handheld, with Android system and excellent components, gives you unparalleled gaming experience.


Black/Blue Translucent


5.48-inch AMOLED screen, OCA full fit 1080*1920


Unisoc T820 processor, 6nm EUV 5G SOC chip
Octa-core 1*A76@2.7GHz+3*A76@2.3GHz+4*A55@2.1GHz


Quad Core Mali- G57 850MHz




128G UFS2.2


Android 13


2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 5.0


Android games (Genshin Impact, Honor of Kings, etc.), and other 30+ emulators.
Support users to download related format games




High fidelity dual speakers

TF card

Support TF card expansion, up to 2TB;
Standard Version-(no game sd card) ;
Standard Version+128G (compatible 4423 games) ;
Standard Version+256G (compatible 8714 games)


Polymer lithium battery 5500mAh, battery life 8 hours


Support 5V/2A charging, approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Other function

Built-in Hall joystick, six-axis gyroscope sensor, Hall trigger, high-speed fan + heat pipe active heat dissipation, support FOTA wireless upgrade, netplay, streaming, wireless screencasting, USB Type-C supports 1080p Display Port output, vibration motor, 3.5mm stereo earphones, energy-saving settings, joystick light control, display brightness, etc.

Included in the box


Type-c cable

Screen protector

User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Curtis Blue
Bad at first

I know next to nothing about emulation and this device is Not for a novice. I couldn’t get anything to work on the we card that came with the device but then I got some help from someone else and this thing is amazing. Just wish the company gave more assistance to customers

Iain Elliott
Emulation heaven!

The RG556 is an absolute joy to use and a powerhouse of a device. The operating system provides a perfect environment for running emulation software (from NES to PS2), allowing me to relive my favourite games of my childhood in all their glory via the amazing display. The controls are responsive and well positioned. Configuration was very simple and with a couple of additional apps from the Google Store i've been able to enjoy a range of different systems emulation with appropriate button configurations.

Gareth Adamson
The first Anbernic I've owned, and it won't be the last.

I bought the RG556 after seeing it used by various Youtubers. My last portable emulator was a DragonBox Pandora, so this looked to be the best replacement within my price range.

The system is bigger than most other portable emulators, but it's really comfortable and easy to use.

The screen is excellent, being an AMOLED 1080p screen. There's no colour or motion issues and is easily viewed even at lower brightness levels.

The controls are standard XBox style, and there's a menu option to change it to Switch-style configuration.

Admittedly I did uninstall all the emulators to install the newest versions. This may affect my experience compared to other people.

The RG556 does most PS2 games brilliantly, although a fair few are slower or laggy. It looks like most of my favourites work, so I'm happy.

The Saturn, Dreamcast and N64 emulation are top-notch. There were a few issues with Panzer Dragoon, but that's not surprising as Saturn was always awkward to emulate.

I haven't tried a lot of the arcade or older machines, but what I have seen is good.

Overall, this is a great product. Not as powerful as the Odin 2, but has a better (IMHO) screen and a better pricetag.

I'm definitely looking at Anbernic again when the time comes to upgrade.

Juana cardona
Its a great handheld

Its a great handheld but its a bit expensive for whats out there for the price point so thats y its a 4 atar .

Leo Van Miert
I'm pleasantly surprised.

The RG556 is the first of the bigger handhelds I've bought. I'm more used to the smaller ones like the RG35XX and its predecessor the RG350M as well as other brands. This RG556 feels totally different, mainly due to the care of the ergonomics and the screensize (the screen is about as big as the entire RG35XX) and it invites for longer play sessions.

I've not tested the moonlight gameplay yet, but the default emulators and roms so far have been working great. The triggers feel amazing, The buttons and joystick position I needed a bit of time to get used to but they work well. The dpad is also a delight. I love the screen, it is vibrant, nice colors and I've not noticed anything off.

This device is my stay at home handheld. I use the RG35XX when traveling due to its form factor, but the RG556 is easily my prefered handheld when not manhandling luggage and coping with weight and size constraints. This machine is brilliant for play on the couch or bed or whenever I have some downtime.

This RG556 feels a lot better than I thought it would, I'm pleasantly surprised.