Schiffe von: China
TYP: Red 80G

NOTE: Consoles shipped from China warehouse are the same to overseas warehouse, with English as default language.

Angebot$70.19 USD Regulärer Preis$77.99 USD
Spare $7.80

Farbe Golden/Silber
S-Bildschirm 2,8-Zoll-IPS-Bildschirm, OCA-Volllaminierung/320*3*480
CPU 4770  Dual 1,0 GHz
RAM DDR2 512M 
Speicher 16G (eingebautes 16G, kein Spiel);
80G (eingebaute 16G+64G TF-Karte, kompatibel mit über 5000 Spielen)
Funktion Opendingux / (Musik/Video)
Musikfunktion Hochwertiger Lautsprecher, unterstützt verlustfreie Musik/APE/MP3/WMA/DRM WMA/OGG/APE/FLAC/WAV/AAC (einschließlich AAC-LC/AAC HE/AAC+V1/V2) und anderes Vollformat-Audio.
Spiele Unterstützt mehr als 20 Arten von Simulatoren. Spielgeschwindigkeit 1:1, 60Hz. Der Kunde kann auch selbst weitere Spiele von der Website herunterladen.
Sprache Englisch und Chinesisch
E-Book-Funktion Unterstützt PDF, TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML
Sprecher Hochwertiger Horn-Stereolautsprecher
Batterie Li-Polymer 2100 mAh, Laufzeit 7 Stunden.
TF-Karte Unterstützt TF-Karten mit maximal 256 GB
Andere Funktion Mit Vibrationsmotor, unterstützt 3,5-mm-Stereo-Ohrhörer.
Energiespareinstellung, Displayhelligkeit, Schnittstellenhintergrund und andere Funktionen des Displays.
Zubehör USB-Ladekabel, Geschenkbox, Bedienungsanleitung
Aussehen Exquisite Optik, CNC-Drahtziehen-Oxidationsprozess-Abdeckplatte, angenehme Haptik, lässt Sie bewundernd streicheln

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Happy happy

Small compact device, small in the pocket and perfect for a quick play wherever you are.
I’ve been more than happy with this device after years of seeing handheld reviews online, finally decided upon the 280v. Not an ounce of disappointment.

Andrew Chandler
Nice handheld

i like the rg280v because how small and pocketable it is. its pretty comfortable to hold and screen is alright. the buttons and d pad feels nice.

Eric H
Solid Mini Handheld

This handheld is the perfect size for playing games on the go. One of the only screens I let my kid use as well. Once I installed a different OS on the RG280V, I feel as though it's near perfect. I went with the adamimage for the 280 which was straight forward to create and run. After a little finagling the machine quickly boots up directly into a favourites menu to quickly launch the games we like from the GB/GBC and NES/FC.
In the future I would definitely upgrade from this to a handheld with analog sticks, but for a miniature handheld with a screen that's still easy to see, definitely worth the money.

Dean C.
This one is my favorite!

Okay, it's not my BEST retro doesn't have WiFi and the screen is a little small...but it's absolutely my favorite. So much so, I bought a second one to gather dust on a shelf until my first one dies. The build quality is exceptional and it's very comfortable to play. I've gotten all the way through Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission on it, so I can confidently say all the controls are responsive. I only wish it had WiFi, a slightly larger screen, and a CPU that supported AmberELEC or ArkOS, then I'd buy two more.

To small screen.

This is a great device with perfect size for me but...
I really wish they would release a new version with 3.2 screen instead because this little screen is to small for my 50 years eyes.
Otherwise an really great device.