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William Mixson
Outstanding Device

I am so in love with this little device. It is everything I want in a retro handheld. I play it every single day. From the retro Famicom color scheme, the great display, and the solid construction, I could not be happier. Thank you Anbernic!

Aaron A.
Great little system

The unit has been great, though I do have a few issues with it.

-There is some bleed from the light on the right side of the screen. You only really notice it when playing in a dim area.
-Mine came with a stuck pixel. Nothing terrible, but you can notice it when the screen is black. I decided to live with it, instead of taking the time to process a return/replacement.
-The supplied image isn't very good, but once flashed with Adam, it works amazingly.

Overall, happy with the purchase. The form factor, though sounding small at first, works great. I keep it in my pocket during the work day and pull it out for some retro RPG action while on break.

Kay C.
Love this lil thing!

I own a number of retro devices (three of which are Anbernic, including this one) and I love the tiny form factor of the 280V! As someone with smallish hands but long fingers, I find it super comfortable and it's great for just throwing into a pocket for some guaranteed gaming on the go :D

Olivier Dugas
I freakin love it

The documentation only was not really up to date, but digging around helped me get everything working within a few hours. Wow it can really play up to PS1 games! Great display, great feel on buttons, solid build. I would buy again. Thanks!

Elvio De Silvestri
It’s Awesome

So happy with it! The best buddy for a small pause, I love to use it 15-20 min and then get on with what I’m doing. The battery lasts really long for my type of use (I use it for maybe 1-2 quick sessions a day and I also have a work & gaming rig)