🎮Exploring Unique Stories from the ANBERNIC Community

We're incredibly grateful to all the fans who participated in this event. Your enthusiasm and stories have truly inspired us. Thank you for your amazing support and engagement!

🎁The inspiration for this ANBERNIC giveaway event was inspired by a post from a fan Stephen Davies(@stephendaviesphotoson social media. His passion for the ANBERNIC gaming console and the shared joy and memories it brings deeply touched us. He mentioned that the ANBERNIC RG35XX is not just a gaming device; it's a portal to the joy of old console and arcade games, complete with an authentically charming design. Inspired by his post, we decided to delve deeper into how our fans perceive our products and the impact these products have on their lives. We initiated this event to foster more interaction and communication with our fans, believing it will help us create better products.
This event received a lot of attention and participation from our fans, who were eager to share their personal stories with the ANBERNIC gaming consoles.

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🎮About  Fans' Story Sharing

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⭐Completing my childhood
As soon as I came to know about the retro handhelds I got excited and set out to complete my childhood dream. Though I own a PS but the joy I get playing the NES and GameBoy games is beyond explanation. Thanks Anbernic!

 ---Mandeep Yadqv                                                                                   

⭐Arc-S or how to be back in the 90s

Since Anbernic Arc-S and Arc-D were released, all I wanted was to have a handheld portable console with the shape of a Sega Saturn Gamepad and the power to run Sega and Arcade Fighting Games. When The console was released, my dream turned to be real, and now, as an adult, I spend my little free time with this wonderful console and it's delightful 6 buttons set. Thanks to Anbernic for creating such a special machine with a very intuitive and precise software, and hope my next portable console in the future will be the Anbernic RG556, thanks to his oled screen and capabiliy of running other systems. Kind regards from Spain and Keep the great work with these little time machines.

----ALAN KANJO                                                                       


⭐My Chilhood is back

Thank You Anbernic for bring back my chilhood memories in gaming. Anbernic is The Best Retro Console I've ever had.


⭐Best age

I was born at a perfect age. I lived through the golden age of gaming. When game development wasn't about in-app purchases and addiction, but about creativity and the gaming experience. I think back nostalgically to the game gear of my childhood and the psp the ps vita of my adulthood. Anbernic is a reliable and honest company and they produce quality handhelds. I've had nothing but positive experiences with them so far. I reached the stage in my life where I could play with my six-year-old daughter and we could explore the treasures of gaming history together. Thanks

----Balint dr. Nagy                                                                                   

 My anbernic time
I am a loyal customer of the Ambernic brand, I really enjoy their retro consoles, especially my RG405V And more consoles.

----Itzel Garza                                                                                         

As we wrap up this exciting event, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible stories and enthusiasm shared by our fans. Your experiences and passion for ANBERNIC gaming consoles not only enrich our community but also drive us to continue innovating and improving. We look forward to more engaging events in the future and can't wait to see what stories we'll share next. Thank you for making this event a memorable journey for all of us!

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