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Anbernic K101

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8G memory card
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Full compatibility with normal hardware GBA games and ROMs, hard solution execution.

。Support for official GBA cartridges

。Support for pirated GBA cartridges

。Support for K-card (TF card Adapter)

。Support the GBC, GB, NES, SMS, GG, PCE game emulators.

。Official and Unofficial GBA link cable support (K101-K101, K101-GBASP, K101-GBA)

。Charging via mini-USB cable (powered USB and/or optional wall adapter)

。Support for standard 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack

。TV-out via a 2.5 mm AV cable

。In-game menu, allows for soft-resetting back to the main firmware menu

。Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality

。MP3 playback functionality

。Text reading functionality

。JPG viewer


。In-game guide support (ANSI/UTF-8 .TXT)

。GBA cheat support (EC code)

。High-quality LCD with 8 levels of brightness

。Built in LCD scaling engine, display modes: 4:3, 3:2, 240x160

。Front facing speaker

。Side mounted system power button and volume adjustment wheel

。Top mounted AV-out jack, extension port, mini-USB port, and backlight button

。Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC support (FAT/FAT32 format)

。Function shortcut keys (*+L for in-game menu, etc.)

。Built in interrupt controller for cartridge hot swapping

。Game preview picture support (based on internal Game-ID)

。Cheat support (GBA .CHT files)

。Ability to change the power-on and UI background images

。Multiple language support

。Zipped ROM file on-the-fly decompression



Technical Specifications:

Dual Core system - ARM7+ARM9 compatible CPU speed: ARM7 16.78 MHz, ARM9 50~100MHz

SDRAM: 133 MHz, 32+16MB main memory Frame Rate - 60 fps

LCD: AUO TFT 3 inch screen (320x480 resolution)

Battery: Nokia clone BL-58 3.7v 800mAh Li-ion rechargeable Typical Power Consumption: 150mA,sleep 50mA

Size: 145mm x 65mm x 19mm Weight: 143g



K101 Plus Handheld console Mini USB charging Cable

K-Card Micro SD card adapter AV Cable BL-5B 800mAh Li-ion Battery (Nokia compatible) Screwdriver

Screen tempered film Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

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James Haughtey
Fantastic GBA device that plays my old cartridges

As the title says, plays GBA games. Comfortable and well built. This device is great, my only caveat is the black sky when emulating Super mario world. The cartridge it comes with is amazing.