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Lepelleux Florent
Great Retro Handheld

I own 3 differents rétro Handheld and this one is m'y favorite. Not necessary the powerfull one, but it is poket size, fun to play with, and the form factor is great.
Hightly recomanded 👍

Chris Airey
Excellent device

I recently purchased this device and I cannot put it down. If you need a retro gaming handheld, this is a good starting point. Highly recommend it!

Andrew P
Great Overall Unit

Received my unit very quickly (i selected the faster shipping option). Currently running the ADAM Image OS on it. Works great, brightness is great, battery life is great, soo small and compact but not uncomfortable to hold or use, which is great considering I have larger than average hands and I was worried about it being tooo small.

Only issue really is that I ordered the red/brass colored unit because I like the Iron Man look of it, but they sent me a silver/black one. Still looks really slick and I like it.

Wish it had a left analogue stick so I could play some N64 games like Zelda, but i knew that getting into this. I think my next unit will have the analogues, but this unit is amazing for emulating mario, pokemon, and fire emblem which is what i bought it for.

William Mixson
Outstanding Device

I am so in love with this little device. It is everything I want in a retro handheld. I play it every single day. From the retro Famicom color scheme, the great display, and the solid construction, I could not be happier. Thank you Anbernic!

Aaron A.
Great little system

The unit has been great, though I do have a few issues with it.

-There is some bleed from the light on the right side of the screen. You only really notice it when playing in a dim area.
-Mine came with a stuck pixel. Nothing terrible, but you can notice it when the screen is black. I decided to live with it, instead of taking the time to process a return/replacement.
-The supplied image isn't very good, but once flashed with Adam, it works amazingly.

Overall, happy with the purchase. The form factor, though sounding small at first, works great. I keep it in my pocket during the work day and pull it out for some retro RPG action while on break.