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I would recommend upgrading ram to 16 or 32 and then dedicate 8 to vram. Also very easy to upgrade yourself and the ssd drive to a 1tb as games add up quick. Get a program to adjust tdp and you can play games like destiny 2 on windows. Batocera performance is much much much better than windows for emulation and it can read roms off the internal ssd. Love the buttons and how they feel, screen is good and bright, unit boots up super fast I’ve had no issues and use it every day for months. The buttons feel even better after being broken in. I still think it should be cheaper but it’s the only thing at this level of performance that’s actually in stock so options are very limited and the steam deck is 4x the performance but it’s huge and heavy compared to this.

Win600 3020e

I absolutely like this handheld. The Anbernic Win600 is a fantastic device.

Rush Shelton
I love the machine which is why I bought two.

The problem I have is I ordered a 3050e for the second unit, but I received another 3020e. The 3020e just does not have the drive space for large AAA games. Still waiting on a response from customer service.

Good Performance

It performs emulation at full rate on most platforms up through PS2. I tried about 35 PS2 games that performed and a handful of others that were playable at 50 fps. Battery life is not all that great averaging between 1 and 1.5 hours on a charge. The analog sticks are in a terrible place they are down too low. Technically it’s biggest downfall is battery life and single channel memory architecture. Windows 11 and Batocera ran great but I was not impressed with Steam and lack of confirmed games that would play.

André Mark Dequatre

Meilleure que la Steam Deck. Facile à mettre en fonction, les avantages ne sont pas négligeables, pas besoin de beaucoup de manipulations a faire. Depuis que je l'ai reçu, je n'arrête pas de jouer avec. ( Même au boulot en douce ). Merci Anbernic