Votre panier

1.À propos du délai de livraison : 1 à 3 jours ouvrables

  • Sauf indication contraire lors de la commande, Anbernic expédie tous les articles dans les trois jours suivant la réception d'une commande.

    * La livraison sera retardée de 2 à 3 jours ouvrés en cas de commandes très importantes pour lancement de nouveaux produits ou jours fériés.

2.Smode de transport  et Délai de livraison


Remarque : le mode d'expédition d'autres pays de destination en dehors du formulaire peut également être une livraison express telle que FedEx. Pour plus de détails, veuillez vous référer à la page de paiement ou consulter notre service client.

*Le numéro de suivi vous sera envoyé par e-mail dès l'envoi des commandes. Vous pouvez vérifier l'état de l'expédition dans le système des coursiers dans les 12 heures.
* Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour suivre votre livraison ou si vous avez des inquiétudes concernant un délai de livraison, nous serons à votre disposition pour répondre à vos questions. Envoyez-nous simplement un e-mail pour obtenir la réponse.

3. À propos des frais d'expédition :

Tous les frais d'expédition sont calculés automatiquement en fonction du poids réel (kilogrammes) des marchandises/ou des dimensions physiques réelles des marchandises et de l'emplacement des destinataires.

Pour déterminer le tarif d'expédition applicable aux articles de votre panier :

  1. Sélectionnez Passer à la caisse
  2. Sélectionnez ou ajoutez votre adresse de livraison
  3. Sélectionnez une vitesse d'expédition et sélectionnez Continuer
  4. Sélectionnez un mode de paiement et sélectionnez Continuer

Le total des frais d'expédition et de traitement sera indiqué sous Récapitulatif de la commande.

Toutes les commandes doivent être payées en totalité et à l'avance, y compris les frais d'expédition. Les frais d'expédition ne sont pas remboursables, sauf dans de rares cas de livraison incorrecte.

Si une livraison est confirmée perdue, volée ou endommagée avant réception, nous travaillerons avec le coursier pour obtenir des informations et organiser un remboursement ou un remplacement sans frais supplémentaires pour vous.

4.À propos de la modification de l'adresse de livraison :

  • Pour les commandes déjà expédiées, en principe, Anbernic n'est pas autorisé à modifier les adresses de livraison.
  • Pour les commandes qui n'ont pas encore été expédiées, veuillez contacter le service client officiel d'Anbernic à temps, adresse e-mail : contact@anbernic.com

5.À propos de l'annulation d'une commande

- Les clients peuvent annuler une commande avant qu'elle ne soit expédiée. Pour annuler une commande, procédez comme suit :

  • Envoyer un e-mail à contact@anbernic.com
  • Mettre la demande d'annulation dans le sujet
  • Veuillez inclure votre numéro de commande

-Si votre commande a déjà été expédiée, veuillez vous référer à la Politique de retour.

N'hésitez pas à appeler si vous avez d'autres questions concernant l'annulation.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Worth it

    It really is worth the money. I own a 351v also. Yea the screen is what makes it. So big and beautiful. I bought the pre loaded sd card and everything came as discribed. Took only about two weeks to ship and was packed very good. Would recommend

    Matt Dandrea
    Great Device....

    I do love it...love the lcd of course, it just needs some firmware updates to make it really shine or even when the cfw scene starts releasing for the 503, it's only going to get better!

    Michael Endhart
    Amazing handheld

    This is by far the best screen on any handheld console games look amazing and the colours pop the.The speakers are good as well give you stereo sound the grips at the back is good when holding the handheld not slippery this is by far the best retro handheld good price nice design oled screen what is not to like 10/9 nice work anbernic team it’s my favourite handheld now

    Love the screen

    I got the unit a couple of days ago, overall I'm quite happy with it. First off the screen is great, easily the selling point of the unit. Also it's pretty comfortable to hold - I wouldn't mind if it was thicker and had proper L2 and R2 buttons, but considering the limited power of this system, it's not like most games will use that feature. Also the unit in person looks really nice, and feels good, doesn't look or feel cheap.

    On the down side is the power. They list the N64, but good luck getting anything to play at a decent framerate. Also Dreamcast games don't run at full speed, although it's better than the N64. NDS also runs slow. PSP isn't gonna play well either. Other less powerful systems run great however, so just keep your expectations in check and you'll be good. Also there is always the possibility that new firmware, or 3rd party firmware, might get some performance increases, but I wouldn't count on it.

    But I just wanted it for GBA and below systems, plus the PSX, I knew going in the limitations of the system - and I was fine with that. Before this I was using a much more powerful phone, but it's just not comfortable to hold with a controller wrapped around it, and also I have a RG350m, which I've never found comfortable to hold.

    Jose Batista
    Currently the best handheld for the price, but still some minor flaws that could be fixed!


    - Great choice of SoC, even though it's a bit early for it, so not all will work properly yet, but when the software is ready this will provide all the performance I will need for many, many years. Not every handhdeld out there can play absolutely every PS1 games at full speed, and other games like Yoshi's Island which are demanding. This handheld will be able to do it all.

    - Ergonomics are great. I like to hold this device in my hands. I say this because many other handhelds out there are not made this way. The texture has a nice smooth feel to it that allows my fingers to grip the console properly, and even better are the bulges on the back. The semi rounded sides of the console are perfect! It is a vast improvement over the rg351v, which was too soft and strange to hold.

    - Surprisingly, I can actually use the L2 and R2 comfortably thanks to the size of the system! I don't think I even need stacked shoulder buttons, although it wouldn't hurt to have them.

    - When it comes to the analog sticks, allow me to say THANK YOU! There are still so many handhelds coming out with reverse left stick and d-pad placement. This is the correct way to do it. Don't change, please!

    Things I would like improved in future handhelds:

    - The screen. Ok, so this is a nice OLED screen with high enough quality with its high resolution that allows up to PSP games to scale properly, most accurate colors than other handhelds and the pure black that comes with OLED. But there are still some problems with it, particularly in the dark red colors which become dark gray instead. Because of this, I would rather not have this same screen on the next handheld I buy. But at the same time, I hope it's OLED, if there was an rg503 version 2, I'd find another OLED screen that improves this. (Not sure if there are others with this same res, at that point it would probably have to be a 720p screen from a phone)

    - The buttons. They're definitely better here, but still not ideal for a handheld. Instead of rubber pads, I'd prefer dome switches, like the PS Vita, 3DS and Switch joycons, these allow more precise controls, especially on the d-pad, as it gives you a tactile response when you input diagonals, and overall separates diagonals better from the main 4 directions. On the rg503, and every other Anbernic handheld, this problem with accidental diagonal presses continues to hurt the experience significantly. (It could even make Mario stop in SMB1 if you move right but accidentally press diagonal right+down).
    All buttons should be dome switches, including start+select and shoulder buttons.

    - Reset / Function buttons. These should not be next to each other, this is actually really dangerous, you could accidentally lose all your progress in a game when you just meant to press the function button to open a menu or something. This was fine on the rg351v, with the reset button being next to the power button, and nothing else.

    - Maybe start and select buttons should be lowered, because when I use the d-pad, I can still touch the select button with the tip of my thumb. The placement is good enough, but it is raised a bit too high.