Ships from: China
TYPE: Deep Purple 16G

NOTE: Consoles shipped from China warehouse are the same to overseas warehouse, with English as default language.

Precio de oferta$107.37 USD


Color Azul/Púrpura intenso
Material Carcasa de aleación de aluminio, proceso CNC
Pantalla Ángulo de visión completo IPS de 3,5 pulgadas, distancia cero OCA ajuste completo/640*480, multitáctil
CPU RK3566 Quad-Core 64 bit Cortex-A55, frecuencia principal de hasta 1,8 GHz
Memoria Android 32 GB eMMC 5.1 de alta velocidad, Linux 16 GB TF
WIFI/Bluetooth 2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 4.2
Función Sistema operativo dual: Android 11, Linux (sistema Linux de 64 bits compatible con aplicaciones de 32 bits)
Juegos Admite juegos de Android, admite más de 20 tipos de simuladores
 Admite a los usuarios descargar juegos en formatos relevantes
Software Android front-end integrado ,
Admite reproducción en red multimedia, el sistema LINUX admite la función de gamepad con cable
Idioma Multilenguaje
Orador Surround estéreo con dos altavoces de alta fidelidad 
Batería Li-polímero 3500 mAh, duración de 7 horas
Tarjeta TF Admite tarjeta tf de hasta 512 GB
16G (sin juego)  16G+64G (juegos 4450 compatibles) 
16G+256G (juegos 4346 compatibles) )
Otra función Joystick Hall integrado, compatible con  WIFI para peleas en línea, streaming, HDMI/compatible con auriculares estéreo de 3,5 mm/
configuración de ahorro de energía, pantalla configuración de brillo y otras propiedades funcionales
Accesorios Cable de carga USB, caja de regalo, manual de usuario, protector de pantalla
Apariencia Aspecto exquisito, sensación cómoda, te permite acariciarlo con admiración
Especificación de la caja longitud 16,4 cm ancho 9,35 cm altura 4,3 cm peso 0,381 kg
Especificación de la consola longitud 14,5 cm ancho  7,05 cm altura 1,59 cm peso 0,232 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Portable player
RG353M is a great emulator

It has so much compatibility and great quality that you can keep playing new games endlessly as often as you'd like due to it's easily pocketable size and form. I especially love the metal shell's feel and added durability! 10/10 product overall in my opinion and I would recommend it to everyone!

Awesome so far

It can do more than I've tried to get out of it so far, I got it to entertain me at work on breaks, and it has handled that job perfectly. Easily does the week on one charge.

Wow so cool

My only complaint , I’m computer illiterate. I wish it came wish some crucial games. Because I can’t figure it out. Re1, Mario Luigi superstar sagas, the gba yugioh where it’s the first two seasons. My hands are pretty big as well. I wish it was a bit bigger. All in all awesome for 116 bucks it’s great.

Steve R
RG 353M is my go to gaming device.

I’ve had the 353M for a few weeks, and it’s rapidly become my favorite retro handheld.
The solid construction and small form factor are what works best for me, as I’m usually gaming on the train to work, the RG 353M is small and easily fits in my jacket pocket or backpack. It’s roughly the same size as a phone 13.
I primarily use Linux with Arkos installed, and it has very few problems, but I do like that Android is available and I will look into it in the near future.

So far it’s played everything up to Dreamcast with no problem (with N64 needing some tweaks)

If you’re looking for a system with portability and power, the RG 353M

Aurelio Pasquini

Veramente fatto bene , ottimo prodotto, funziona perfettamente.