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NOTE: Consoles shipped from China warehouse are the same to overseas warehouse, with English as default language.

Precio de oferta$79.99 USD


Color de grano de madera/Negro transparente/Gris

Pantalla S

Pantalla IPS de 3,5 pulgadas, laminación completa OCA/ 640*480


RK3326 de cuatro núcleos a 1,5 GHz


Malí-G31 MP2




16G (16G integrado, sin juego); 80G (tarjeta TF de 16G+64G integrada, juegos 2400 compatibles)


Sistema Linux de código abierto


Con motor vibrador y soporte perfecto: NDSN64DCPSPPS1openborCPS1CPS2FBANEOGEONEOGEOPOCKETGBAGBCGB SFCFCMDSMSGGMSXPCEWSCjuegos de trasplante, etc. 20 tipos de formatos de juegos. Ayuda a los usuarios a descargar el formato correspondiente del juego.


múltiples idiomas


Altavoz de alta calidad


Li-polímero 3900 mAh, duración 6 horas.

Tarjeta TF

Tarjeta doble tf, compatible con la expansión máxima de 256 GB


Carga de 1,3 A/carga máxima coincidente 2A/cable de carga USB/4 horas de carga completa

Disipación de energía

El consumo de energía más alto es de 700mA, y el consumo de energía en estado de apagado es de 16uA

Otra función

Compatible con WIFI integrado en línea sparring/ 3D rocker/Compatible con auriculares de 3,5 mm.


Cable de carga USB, caja de regalo, manual de usuario


Apariencia exquisita, sensación cómoda, te permite acariciar con admiración

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Alex Lake-Garcia
Oh No!

Gave me what I want and that’s endless hrs of nostalgia. Has issues but no real problems here.

Hardware great, firmware not great. Runs GBA, SNES, GC well. Sega Saturn, N64 bad.

The device hardware itself is amazing. It feels great to hold in your hands, looks good and you can just tell the hardware is well made. But the firmware is quite bad. It crashes all the time, it’s extremely slow sometimes and unresponsive, it’s impossible to hold a constant wireless connection, it’s ugly and unoptimised many higher end consoles. Simple solution would be to just change the firmware right? Well Anbernic’s new RG351V models have a different screen or something which causes complete white outs when trying to change the firmware through normal methods. And since the device is 3-4 years old now, the custom firmware solutions are not being updated to match Anbernic’s new screen white out issue. Without significant knowledge or research, you cannot just change the firmware on these devices. As such, any newbies I suggest STAY AWAY from this device if you expect to emulate anything past PS1 (home) or GBA (handheld). Otherwise the lower end consoles are emulated great.
Consoles I found it particularly struggles with are - N64, SEGA Saturn, NDS.

Finally for a product like this I would just think it would be obvious to include lots of POPULAR games. I don’t know why but it just seems like they came with as much random garbage as they could possibility fit, with around 3 popular games per console.

Petros B.
Great gadget for retro games once you get a grip on the functions!

Arrived on time as expected, great looks, however, it came without any games inside. Anbernic support team was fast in response and send me the files and instructions to fix this, now working fine. Still needs a little effort to include new games - but I am very happy with what I have already. Highly recommended!

Samuel Obadia
One of the best

Very good console. I played a lot of games that I had in physics of atari 2600, Intellivision, nes, snes and arcades that I played before. Good feelings in hands.

Luke Porter

Great device does exactly what I need.