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Important Update on Our Giveaway Event

After excluding invalid votes and those not complying with the game rules, we are now announcing the list of winners as follows.


1 Mandeep 167
2 Grady 127
3 azadkanjo 86


4 protiva 46
5 biffoutt 31
6 Oliver2402 16
7 underhandwriter 15
8 mbenny 12
9 Gregory 10
10 debu 10


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PJTaylor1989 Kem SmfPlayer1 gealvarezc Joshua
Jeff iangregory Enmedi00 mgadams1970 AFKane
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  • If you have any objections, please contact us before May 20, 2024.
  • The top 3 need to send your available shipping address to our email.
  • Rewards will be distributed via email after May 20, 2024.
  • Our event email:sharetime@anbernic.com


    In the midst of daily life, Stephen Davies(@stephendaviesphotos) found solace in retro gaming. As a professional photographer, he often escapes the relentless pace of work by delving into the nostalgia of classic video games. To Stephen, these games are more than hobbies—they are a bridge from the past to the present.

    Captivated by Anbernic’s RG35XX—a budget-friendly handheld that revives the classic gaming era with its Gameboy charm—Stephen was inspired to share his journey on Instagram. His posts resonated widely, highlighting not just a device but a shared legacy of joy and memories.“it's amazing it plays all the old console and arcade games and has that original cute gameboy look," he says, "so I had to take and share a few photos :-)”

    We invites you to tell your own stories with Anbernic. Join our campaign, share your experiences, and let your passion be heard. Every game tells a story; every gamer carries a journey. Let’s celebrate these memories and inspire the future together.🎉

    Share Time: April 25th-May 15th

    Prizes for Top 50 Votes:

    • Top 3: Free Anbernic RG28XX console.
    • 4th to 10th: $20 discount on Anbernic products.
    • 11th to 50th: $10 discount on Anbernic products.

    How to Participate:

    • Share Your Story and Photos: Submit your personal anecdotes and high-quality photos showcasing your Anbernic experiences.
    • Gather Votes: Encourage voting from friends and family. The most popular stories will earn fabulous prizes.
    • Photo Rights: Submitted photos may be used by Anbernic for promotional purposes.
    • Stay Positive: Ensure all content adheres to community standards.
    • Participation restrictions:Customers in undeliverable areas(e.g., Yemen) cannot participate in this campaign. In express-only regions (e.g., Morocco), customer have to pay shipping cost.

    Statistical Rules:

    • Primary sorting will be based on Votes.
    • If the number of votes is the same, the ranking will be determined by the number of comments.
    • The publisher's own comments are excluded.
    • If the number of comments is also the same, prioritize the earlier post.
    • The ranking information for the top three will be updated daily at 22:00 UTC-4.

    Dive into this celebration of gaming heritage and win exciting prizes by sharing how Anbernic has touched your life.Any questions pls feel free to contact us via contact@anbernic.com or submit a help ticket!