ANBERNIC RG505 Android 12 Upgrade Guide

ANBERNIC RG505 Android 12 Upgrade Guide

RG505 system V1.22 version has been released
1.Optimize system 
2.Optimize  emulator frontend

Online Update

1: The device will periodically detect whether there is a new version, and when a new version is found, it will send a notification to the user in the form of a pop-up box.

2: Online upgrade function

You can also manually detect the new version, check it in the FOTA Update application.

3: The upgrade process is divided into two steps when a new version is detected.

-》Click download, the download speed depends on the network and the size of the update package.

-》Click to upgrade, the upgrade process takes about 10-20 minutes, please do not shut down

in this period, it is best to wait for it to complete.

Local Upgrade

If the network (or other reasons) cannot detect the version information, you can try to use the manual upgrade method to complete the version upgrade.

  1. Please confirm the current version and find the corresponding latest upgrade package on the official website
    Download link:
  1. Copy it to the internal storage or external SD card, please make sure the name of the upgrade package is ""
  1. In the FOTA Update application, check the local update function in the menu.

Complete the local upgrade action by manually selecting the upgrade package.

It can also be set: About-local software upgrade, and the upgrade package is stored in the corresponding location.


1: It is recommended that the power is not less than 50%, and it is best to charge and upgrade!

2: Do not shut down during the upgrade process! ! !

3: After the upgrade is completed, there will be a prompt, according to the prompt, you need to reboot to complete the upgrade process.

4: The upgrade package "", the upgrade package needs to be placed under the root directory of the external storage or the internal storage.

5: If the online upgrade fails for many times, please check and deal with it as follows:

-》Please check whether it is the latest version. If it is already the latest, there is no need to upgrade.

- 》 Please check whether the current network (wifi) is connection, and whether need to change another network connection (it is recommended to open the webpage in the browser to check the network status)

-》 Please check whether the battery is full, please keep the battery full (at least 50%)

-》Manually clear the historical cache information in the FOTA update and try again

-》Restart the device or re-enter the APP to detect the new version and try again

-》You can try to local upgrade manually

-》When it is confirmed that there is a version that needs to be upgraded, but the upgrade

fails after repeated attempts, you can try to restore the factory settings and upgrade again.

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