Ships From: China
TYPE: RG351P 64G Black
Sale price$86.99 USD

Things to know before buying:
1. RG351P can't support HDMI function.
2.There will be a little noise when connecting to WiFi or this happens when power-on.
3.Do not take out the TF card when the console is powered on.The console system file may be lost.Causes the console to not play again,or causes some game files to be lost and some games to not play.
4.WiFi can only be used when two people match the game. When you don't need to use WiFi, please turn off WiFi. (The game can only be matched in the same LAN)
5.Please note that RG351P can only use 5V1A charger, if you use high-power charger, the game will be short-circuited. Cannot continue to use. This situation is out of warranty.

Color Black/Purple/White
S Screen 3.5 inch IPS screen, OCA  full lamination/ 320*480
CPU RK3326 quad core 1.5 GHz
GPU Mali-G31 MP2
Memory 64G(Built-in 64G,Compatible 2400+ Games)
System Open source Linux system
Games Support 20+ kinds of simulator.Support users to download the relevant format of the game.
Language multiple languages
Speaker High quality double horn stereo speaker
Battery Li-polymer 3500 mAh, lasting 8 hours.
TF card Support tf card max to 256GB
Charging 1.3A charging/ matching maximum load 2A/ USB charging cable/ 4 hours full charge
Power Dissipation The highest power consumption is 450mA, and the power consumption in shutdown state is 16uA
Other function Online play/ Double OTG/ Double 3D rocker/ Support 3.5mm stereo earphones.
Accessories USB charging cable, giftbox , user manual
Appearance Exquisite appearance, comfortable feel, let you fondle admiringly

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Ben Furr
A Awesome and Powerful Handheld Device

This is honestly one of the best portable gaming handhelds I’ve ever seen and is incredibly easy to add your very own games on to it just everything about this device is perfect an absolute 1,000,000,000 out of 10 would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to play their favorite retro games it’s a perfect handheld for any gamer

Benjamin Quimby

A fantastic emulator, I like having my phone free so being able to enjoy games on the go much like when I was younger without hunting down physical copies of games is great.

Great for GBA especially

Perfect screen for emulating Gameboy Advance Games. Highly recommend this device if you are looking to emulate handheld games. The build quality is great, you will not find a better price for this level of user friendliness and performance.

Great Device at a Great Price

The device itself is awesome. The feel of the buttons and screen quality are fantastic and it works very well out of the box with little to no config required. I did notice some performance issues one the one N64 game I briefly tested, so this might not be the right device if you're interested in newer generations of games. Works perfect for GB/GBA titles for sure and I haven't tested much else. Mine came with everything required, so really great value for what you get. I would highly recommend. Only negative I have to say is that the instructions that come with the device could be better, but since the internet exists, you can find all the info you need there.

Robert Meissner
Great little device

Even though it was released two years ago, this is a great starter into the Anbernic Universe. I love me ne and even though I'd love to have wifi build in for the PICO8 splore, I am more then happy with every detail. It's a nice device with a huge board of emulation machines and now xomes with emuelec preinstalled. I switched to ArkOS anyway, but that is is just my preference.