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Leo Lee
Power button modification

Since the power button is erected from the body, the machine will start up inadvertently by bump on the power button. I tried 3 times in my rucksack until i feel hot inside.

Samuel De La Rosa
Retro heaven

You gotta use JELOS. Its a perfect screen. Not much more to be said other than GBA is the biggest winner when it comes to this device

George Kaufmann
Great unit

Over all a great unit but noticed it has some pixel issues.

Kevin R
Love it.

I love it its definitely a great way to enjoy some classic games, the only real problem I have is the to slots I wish they had a cover as to not have them pop out on you also would be awsome to switch between both systems without having to take one of the cards out, only reason it's not 5 stars also site said it was already upgraded to Android 11 and it was not

Eric Guzman
Software needs help

The build quality is amazing. The feel and sound are great! The user interface for android native games is absolutely horrible. There is no Google play store! The mapping is not user friendly and the games don’t recognize the controller; which makes it very frustrating to play games. Please fix mapping software!