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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Okayish for now

    What I wanted: handheld to play Project Diva MegaMix+ on decent graphics settings for a couple of hours.
    What I got: I can play at TDP 15W, but some tracks push GPU to 100% and FPS goes down to sub-30 territory, the worst part is that it is irregular which is no-no for rhythm games. That said, other tracks are fine at 60fps on in-game high graphics settings. Though some are not good enough even on low settings. BTW, I have device with 3050e.

    - device is available
    - does not get very hot, at least not in games I play
    - battery charges quickly (about 90 minutes on charger from MacBook as there was no option to order plug for Australian sockets)
    - comes with win10, but it is easy to install win11 which is a bit more comfortable to use with touch interface
    - switch between gamepad and mouse/keyboard is very convenient

    - fan behaves strangely: it stays silent, then blows like there is no tomorrow for 30-60 seconds, then keeps silence again. Maybe something that could be fixed with BIOS updates.
    - USB-C port disconnects easily, I've tried different cables that work fine with other devices - all the same. It makes difficult to play and capture the game at the same time as USB-C to HDMI cable can sway easily in a heat of game. Could be just my device quirks.
    - downloading SteamOS image (or Windows recovery image) from Google Drive is not convenient, better to put it somewhere else

    - sticks are difficult for me to use
    - action buttons/d-pad have a longer travel than I prefer. However these have symmetric layout and I like it.
    - grip could be better. Plastic feels a bit cheap as well.
    - battery lasts for 1.5-2hrs, not that big deal if you have a good powerbank but considering size of the device, I believe it could accomodate a larger battery.
    - display resolution is 720x1280 which makes it difficult to capture video with capture device serving as external monitor in mirror mode. Well, no mirroring mode works fine.
    - I have Crucial 16Gb/3200/CL22 (CT16G4SFRA32A.C16FP) memory and for some reason it does not work at native frequency, though works fine at lower frequency if I override it in BIOS. On the other hand memory that came with device can run at a higher frequency no questions asked. Probably not something to do with device per se, might be memory banks mystery but still... sad.
    - it would be nice to have MicroSD card slot.
    - does not fit any my pocket because of its size, though is not that heavy actually

    Yusuf Alhosani
    Fine Device

    I had BIG issues with this device (screen and staem os installation), but when I started using it as a windows 10 handheld with some adjustments regarding to retro games corps, it was a good emulation experience, specially when I used RetroBat that the anbrenic post it in win600 website, but the most annoying thing now is battery life! It’s poor, I hope they fix a new battery that we can buy it and fix it in the device

    A reasonable device for a fairly reasonable price!

    Nice and compact handheld for the tinkerer and indie lover. The 3050e is the only choice and I'd steer clear of the 3020. Upgrade the memory to 16gb 3200mhz and you're good to go. Works well for emulation up to WiiU.

    Pretty Happy

    I've had this handheld for about 2 weeks now. I tried using windows but soon put Steam OS on it. Plays some of my games great. I also use Batocera on a USB stick for retro games. The feel is good in the hands. The screen looks good with this resolution and the buttons are good. A nice little device. Not too heavy, easy to carry. I wish the battery lasted longer but this isn't unusual for any device like this.

    My one Con. I don't like the positions of the analog sticks. It makes it hard to play anything where you need to use them. Meaning it's great for older emulation games but not so much for newer games. Hands get tired quickly. I hope they improve the ergonomics in any future iterations.

    James Haughtey
    Fantastic Handheld,

    Had this device a few weeks now. It is great. Plays simple windows(steam/GOG) games well, like hollow knight, Celeste, Chasm and a few others. Streams via Chrome (stadia) well and Xbox gamepass is awesome on this. Retro bat on a usb stick is awesome as well for retrogames. Now where it gets even better, via a usb stick I can also boot to Steam OS or batocera or Linux. I have a Usb C multi adapter and can even connect controllers and a monitor. Everything is very good. It isn't the most powerful processor but you definitely get some fun out of it. My only gripe is on demanding loads battery life is around 2 hours. Another quality Anbernic product.