ANBERNIC handle silicone sleeve for RG405M

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Angebot$13.99 USD

About the handle silicone sleeve for RG405M

Comfortable and soft grip


High quality soft silicone

Customer Reviews

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Not silicone-like, much better actually

Don't think twice, get it.

It is better than I expected, 'silicone' is more about the look than the feeling. It is hard plastic not silicone. Good texture and very confortable to use, makes the 405m a much better device.

If you got your 405m because of the aluminum premium feel, this sleeve is going to downgrade the premium looks, but that's being picky, and it's because it doesn't match the device color, if it did I think this wouldn't not be an issue.

Sound on the other hand changes, the crisp sound becomes hollow I don't know how to explain this I don't know enough about sound. Again, not a deal breaker AT ALL but this does indeed changes something.

Scott GJ
Necessary accessory for 405m!

I had my 405M for about 6 months before I purchased the silicone sleeve and it has been a game changer! The bottom parts where you grip were very sturdy, yet comfotable. The device also is easy to put in and take out. A must purchase!

Daniel Carrazco
Absolutely need!

It very much improves your experience with the rg405m. Especially if you’re play fast pace games.

John Weeks
A must have

Love it but I wish they would have moved th silicone a little further from the speakers.

It's a must

This is simply a mandatory accessory if you want to play longer periods. Good quality, perfect fit. I'd have liked it even more if it was black like my handheld.