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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Rodo Rodriguez
    Excellent value for money 👍

    The console is made of excellent materials, the quality of the buttons is good, good touch and operation, like the crosshead, the stick are the best, even better than many consoles of big brands. The battery has enough, depending on the configuration and use that is given. Negative aspect the SD for me is not worth it since many games are in Japanese, misnamed and then it is not possible to search for the game information. The OS needs to be polished a bit but I liked it, the vertical games and the use of the function button are a great detail.

    Connect it to the TV and a bluetooth arcade controller, everything easy is like having your own arcade at home. In summary is this product worth it? My opinion is that you can buy it with your eyes closed. Shipping was fast 6 days

    Michael Wood
    Great little machine

    Out of the box my unit worked great. The included micro SD card had a ton of games ready to go if you wanted that.

    I ended up reflashing the system to Arkos to tinker more and so far it’s been perfect. I’ve dabbled in raspberry pi’s a bit before but wanted an out of the box solution for portable. This one feels durable so far.

    Nearly perfect

    It's small enough to fit in my pocket and the 4:3 screen is excellent for retro games. The stereo speakers sound great, but I do have some issues with audio popping/crackling with Wi-Fi enabled. The CPU is fast enough to emulate everything I want, but I do wish N64 ran a little better. The buttons and D-pad are fantastic, very responsive and have a great retro console feel. The battery life is very good and lasts as long as advertised. The joysticks feel very good too, but I typically use the D-pad instead. The metal case feels really premium and great to hold. It's a tad bit heavy, but I like it. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for a pocket retro-system. Despite a few minor issues, it's a really fantastic device overall.

    Miguel Cervantes
    Fits in my pocket.

    This can play all my favorite games. Fits in my pocket and it's pretty solid.


    This device is great. The battery last hours, and is very well to handle. I love it! I can finally play some games on my downtime.