Ships From: China
TYPE: Gray Standard Version
Prezzo scontato$167.99 USD

*RG405M ultima versione del sistema V1.15
1.Ottimizza il sistema
2.Ottimizza il frontend dell'emulatore


Colore Nero/Grigio
Materiale Processo CNC in lega di alluminio
Schermo Il touch screen IPS da 4 pollici, risoluzione 640*480
CPU Cota-core Unisoc Tiger T618 a 64 bit 2*A75@2.0GHz+6*A55@2.0GHz
GPU Mali G52@850Mhz
Archiviazione eMMC da 128 GB
Carta TF Versione standard (configurazione memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)-(nessuna scheda SD di gioco) 
Versione standard (configurazione memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)+128G ( giochi 3172 compatibili) ;
Versione standard (configurazione memoria: 4G DDR4+128G eMMC)+256G (giochi 4267 compatibili)
WIFI 2.4/5G 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 5.0
Sistema Android 12
Giochi Supporto: giochi Android (genshin impact, Honor of Kings, ecc.), PS2, WII, NGC, 3DS, PSP, DC, SS, PS1, NDS, N64, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA , GBC, GB, SFC,
FC, MD, SMS, GG, MSX, PCE, WSC, N-Gage e oltre 20 formati di giochi.
Supporta agli utenti il ​​download di giochi nei formati pertinenti
Software Front-end di gioco integrato
Lingua Multilingua
Altoparlante Altoparlante hi-fi
Batteria Batteria ai polimeri di litio 4500 mAh, ricarica 2 ore, autonomia 7 ore
Carta TF Supporta l'espansione della scheda TF, fino a 2 TB
Altra funzione Joystick Hall integrato, sensore giroscopico a sei assi, supporto aggiornamento wireless OTA, matchmaking online, streaming, schermo di proiezione wireless, motore di vibrazione,
supporto per auricolari stereo da 3,5 mm,
impostazione di risparmio energetico, luminosità del display e altre impostazioni delle proprietà funzionali
Accessori Cavo di ricarica USB, confezione regalo, manuale dell'utente, protezione per lo schermo
lunghezza 21,5cm larghezza 10cm altezza 3cm peso 0,413kg
Specifiche della console    lunghezza 16,3cm larghezza 7,6cm altezza 1,59cm peso 0,260kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
We’ll built and powerful

After buying a 353p and being pretty impressed I wanted a larger machine that would fit my large hands and run more demanding consoles.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the RG405. It’s a big step up for a more adult and premium console. The 351 is perfect for my kid, smaller and plastic and no internet to distract 👍

Felix Shao
Anbernic RG405m

Beautifully built machine that is able to run most of retro games up to PS2, though not every single game runs smoothly, it is great fun to kill some time. very good product and good fast delivery!

Frank Devereaux
Anbernic Rg405m

I am brand new to the emulation world. This is my first emulation device and I am very satisfied with my purchase. It's a lot better than I thought and the screen isn't as bad as most people tell you. If your not familiar with Linux but with android this is a great device out of the box. My only complaint is that the screen protector that came with it was messed up apon arrival. Some ps2 games work and GameCube games but I got this device for older consoles. I'd highly recommend this device as a pocket able device for on the go. You can see the screen when you play outside. If you are shipping from China to usa the process is fairly fast. Completed customs very fast the tax was only a few dollars.

mustafa izmirli
Geography is destiny


Since you wrote the price of the product I purchased as 12.99 dollars, the customs considered it suspicious.

At the same time, because it was over 150 euros, I was asked to pay too high a tax that I could not pay.

Since I don't want to pay more tax than the price of the product, I left it to the diary. There is no way to go through customs and there is no way I can have him.

Geography is destiny.

Kajetan K

Best console for PSP, PSX and Dreamcast emulation <3