Se envía desde: China
TIPO DE CPU: White 3050e(8G+256G)
Cargador: US
Precio de oferta$349.99 USD

Activación de Windows:
La primera vez que inicie, accederá a la interfaz de bienvenida. Después de la configuración inicial, ingrese al sistema y la red se activará automáticamente. Si encuentra problemas aquí, puede comprobar si la red es normal y ponerse en contacto con nosotros.


* Plataformas de juego compatibles: Steam,PC,XBOX360,PS3 ,3DS,PS2,WII,PSP,DC,SS,NDS,NGC,N64,PS1,CPS1,CPS2,FBA,NEOGEO,GBA,SFC,GB,FC múltiples plataformas
Admite a los usuarios para descargar juegos, compatible con motor de vibración
* Compatible con auriculares estéreo de 3,5 mm
* Función completa Tipo C: 1*USB3.1+USB2.0+Display port Salida de pantalla +HDMI Salida de pantalla +carga rápida PD3.0
* 3.0 USB-A :1 x velocidad de transmisión USB3.1 10 Gb/s
* Función de música Admite música APE, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, AAC (incluidos AAC-LC, AAC HE, AAC+V1/V2) y otro audio de formato completo

- 3020e negro:
CPU: APU AMD Athlon Silver 3020e Dali hasta 2,6 GHz
Disco duro (reemplazable): 128 GB M.2 SATA 2242 SSD

- 3050e negro/blanco:
CPU: APU AMD Athlon Silver 3050e Dali hasta 2,8 GHz
Disco duro (reemplazable): SSD M.2 SATA 2242 de 256 GB
GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 3
Memoria (reemplazo aceptable):8G DDR4 frecuencia: 2400MHz

- 3050e azul:
CPU: AMD Athlon Silver 3050e Dali APU hasta 2,8 GHzDisco duro (reemplazable): 1TB M.2 SATA 2242 SSD
GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 3
Memoria (reemplazable): 16G DDR4 de frecuencia : 3200 MHz

- Pantalla: pantalla IPS de laminación completa OCA de 5,94 pulgadas, 10 puntos táctiles
distinguibilidad: 1280*720
- Sistema: preestablecido Windows10 home edition, compatible con steam OS
- Idioma: multilingüe
- Función de libro electrónico: soporte
- Función Wifi Bluetooth: WIFI5/Bluetooth 4.2
- Altavoz: altavoz estéreo de doble bocina de alta calidad
- Batería: gran capacidad de alta densidad Batería de polímero de litio 8,7 V == 4500 mAh*2 series, 2-5 horas de duración de la batería

3020e NEGRO


3050e AZUL

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Pretty good

Shipping from purchase date to receiving order was a total of 21 days to AUS.
To those in AUS at the time of my purchase I paid a total of AUD $563 for the 3050e 8/256GB version.
Came well packaged,no problems.
Anbernic have also been pretty quick to reply to messages,compared to other sellers out there.
First I gotta say I did not buy or test this for windows or steam,its purely for Batocera.
However I still need to test Jelos.
But Ive been testing Batocera via the USB port currently but I plan to buy a 1 or 2TB SSD for it soon and run Batocera internally.
Screen quality is very nice. Sound through its speakers is loud enough but very little bass though.
This is a very good device for dpad gaming,as many yt video reviews will show you but if you plan to use the analogs a lot,namely the left one then yeah,its defo a little small and low for this device.However I have purchased some jotstick risers which increase the height a little so when you need to use the left stick and shoulder buttons at same time,it does help a little.
But all the buttons feel nice otherwise.
Cant properly comment on battery life using Batocera as Ive been only been testing on and off but depending on what system you are playing it would be fair to say between 2 and 3 hours,as video reviews would have also mentioned. But my hope is with Batocera battery life may be a little longer,not tested properly as yet though.
But that probably is the biggest negative of this device,battery life then the left stick position.
Performance though was good,you should be able to play almost all gamecube games bar a handful,and the majority as 2x as well (upscaled to the 720P of the screen)
xbox runs well as also,not everything but you should be able to play a large amount,some at 1x and some at 2x.
PS2 as well,a ton of games work,again,a mixture of 1x and 2x. Even God of War 1 and 2 at 1x runs at 60fps or close to,if you apply certain speed hacks to these games.
AGAIN,this was emulation testing was through Batocera OS.
So overall Im happy with it and what I want it for.
I cant comment on how it is with windows or steam gaming.
But I think if they ever made a battery upgrade for this it would be well worth it.
Thanks for reading.

Tomás Barrera
Nice price, Nice use

Since the BIOS is Windows You can mostly do whatever u want in the device. I can run most of my Steam games, obviously not the last gen ones: with Crash n sane trilogy i got Fps troubles, but i guess is understandable. Retroarch runs emulated Games amazingly, i've tried Gamecube/PS2 gen without any problem.
On the otherhand, the buttoms are not what i expected, i imagined them more comfortable, but not bad after all, they cumply their function.
The battery, as most people Say, doesn't last for long; 2:30 hours of continous playing, but thats not a problem if u have a external battery of something to charge out the Anbernic, and this is pretty easy since You can charge the device with an universal Mobile type c cable.
I rate it 4.5 out of 5, considerating its price is actually cheap for what u are getting for. Good work.

Eric Rivero
Great Device

Win 600 it's a great product, extremely well done and handful to be used anywhere.

The only con is the battery that has a short span.

Daniel M
Amazing Handheld!

I have purchased the 16GB 1TB model.
I have purchased this mainly for retro gaming but this handheld is capable of running "almost" modern games also.
I have installed almost a half of my GOG library and everything works perfectly.
The switch between mouse and gamepad on the side of the console is brilliant.
I can confirm that this handheld runs games like Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion and Daggerfall Unity with no lag and on max settings.
Using the handheld is very easy and it is basically a small PC but in a handheld version.
Installations of games ETC. Is simple as it is windows.
Performance is amazing and it is very silent.
I have played Project Zomboid on the WIN 600 and the battery life was around 3 hours.
Game has hundreds of zombies displayers on screen and WIN 600 didn't care and was running super smoothly!!!
Pairing gamepads and keyboard+mouse works perfectly and I managed to play gems like Quake 3, Arma and silent hunter 2 with no issues.

Please make a docking station (small and portable if possible) for this console!! This would be a perfect addition for this little device.

Thank You very much Anbernic Team!!

Excellent device. Especially good with Batocera

I've had my Win600 for about 3 weeks. I've used it every day. About 90% of use is with Batocera, running emulated games. I've also used it for quite a few Windows games, most notably Skyrim SE.

I have 3050e version in White. I do recommend upgrading it to 16 GB of 3200 Mhz CL18 RAM if you are going to play newer Windows games with it. By "newer" I really mean in the last 10 years or so. This device is not optimal for brand new AAA games. But indie games it's great at, and AAA games from a few years ago. For example, I have the Batman Arkham series on it, and the Tomb Raider LAU trilogy (Legend Anniversary Underworld). Those are all great games, and run perfectly on the Win600.

On the Batocera side, it plays the entire Gamecube library. Metroid Prime took some optimization but it's playable once everything is set right. SSX 3 is playable with no tweaks, which it's not on Android ARM devices in my experience. As far as Playstation 2, I'm playing Persona 4 with no issues at all. Silpheed also runs great. The really heavy PS2 games won't run well on this, because it doesn't have enough cores. The performance optimizations in PCSX2 really need 4 physical cores.

This device supports video out over USB-C. If you use a USB-C hub, you can do video, charging, and input all on the hub, which makes it dockable with a single cable. I use it that way a lot. So it's not only a handheld, it's also a mini PC.

It seems relevant to mention battery life here. Battery life in Batocera I believe is in the 2-3 hour range, but since I use it docked at least half the time, I've had zero issues with battery life. I'll play handheld for while, then plug it into my screen and gamepad and play that way while it charges. If you're going to take it on trips and play it handheld for long sessions, you might want to get a 65 watt USB-C battery pack.

Another really cool thing about the Win600 is that it's unlocked. It has an unlocked BIOS, and will boot any x86 operating system from USB. This makes Batocera extremely easy, because you can just download the x86-64 version from their website, load it on a USB flash drive with no special steps. To boot from USB or enter setup, hold down the volume down button during startup.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the Win600 and I'm glad I bought it. Cheers.