First Look at the New RG28XX

First Look at the New RG28XX


RG28XX, a retro, exquisite and compact handheld device, offers a unique gaming experience in four stunning colors: classic retro gray, black transparent, stylish lava orange, and beige white. This machine boasts compatibility with ported games, encompassing over 30 platforms like PSP, NDS, DOS, DC, and more. Furthermore, RG28XX supports HDMI connection, enabling seamless play on TVs, monitors, and other devices. With wired or 2.4G wireless controllers, RG28XX transforms into a home console, facilitating multiplayer interactions and adding a whole new dimension to gaming fun. Embrace the simplicity of happiness with RG28XX.

What Fans Are Saying:

  • "That beige white with purple buttons? Absolute fire! 🤩"
  • "Anbernic, why you gotta do this to my wallet? 😭 #TakeMyMoney"
  • "Cool gadget, but when's that Flip/Clamshell coming out? Can't wait for that one!"

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