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Owen FitzGerald
Does the job at a great price

Much cheaper than the alternatives on Amazon and the like. Delivered in under a week. Kinda wish I'd bought my RG351-MP from them too, instead of waiting 4 weeks for BangGood to delivery it! :)

Nico Andersson
Nice Case

The case is nice and the RG351MP fits perfectly. However, it could be a little bit wider because the RG351MP is already relatively thick and will occupy parts of the top cover as well. It is nice with the little mesh-pocket, but already the charging cable feels to much in there. Trying to include a small charger or a little powerbank for longer trips is impossible.
Other than that - it does what it is supposed to do and it does is well and with style!

Fits RG351MP perfectly

The case fits the RG351MP perfectly. There is also a small mesh pocket to put it some accessories, like the Wi-Fi dongle, but it is a bit loose and the items tends to fall out. Other than that, it does what it is supposed to do very well. Great buy if you want to protect your console when storing or transporting it on a bag.

David Frye
Excellent Build

This is an excellent emulation experience. Excellent build quality! Great job!

One negative is that the protective bag does not fit the unit.

Jorge Baptista
ANBERNIC portable protective bag for my 351p

very nice bag. perfect fit without acessories.
all shipment dates met perfectly.
351p awesome for retrogaming up to psx.