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AJ Bellosillo
Hardware nice, software not so much

It looks and feels great. It's extremely light (not really a plus, but thought I'd note). Buttons feel good to use. Screen is decent. It's a bit underpowered, but fine for 16bit and below. The only downside is the stock firmware. First of all, it came defaulted to Chinese, and required a bit of tinkering to figure out how to put it into English. Second, the emulators they use aren't that great. Use custom firmware asap.

David Suarez
Awesome Device

Love this thing very pocketable but not too small its uncomfortable to play for long period of time

Great little device

Great device, can play most handheld games, screen is good (although not as good as the successors but can live with that, custom firmware does fix it). Controls is Anbernic quality. Happy with the purchase. Now rocking with Adam Image.

One of the best handhelds!

Love everything about the rg300x its perfect I highly recommend this one for sure!

Jason Williams
Quality Product, worth the sale price

I really like the design and build quality, but I wouldn't have bought at regular price (bought it on sale). The screen is great, it's pocketable, and all the buttons have a satisfying feel to them.

However, I'd recommend updating the firmware, as the stock firmware is bland, if not outright ugly. Installing "Adam Image" greatly improves the experience.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the product, and would recommend it to anyone that likes to tinker with the software.