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ESCRIBE: Black T 16G
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Modelo RG353VS RG353V
Color Negro transparente/ Gris Negro transparente/ Gris/ Blanco/ Púrpura transparente
Sistema LINUX (el sistema Linux de 64 bits es compatible con aplicaciones de 32 bits) Android 11, LINUX (el sistema Linux de 64 bits es compatible con aplicaciones de 32 bits)
Pantalla Ángulo de visión completo IPS de 3,5 pulgadas, ajuste completo OCA de distancia cero/ 640*480
Pantalla táctil
No Multitáctil
CPU RK3566 Quad-Core 64 bit Cortex-A55, frecuencia principal de hasta 1,8 GHz
Memoria TF de 16 GB 32 GB eMMC 5.1 de alta velocidad + 16 GB TF
2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 4.2
Juegos / Soporte: juegos de Android (Honor de Reyes, etc.)

Admite PSP,CC,SS,PS1,NDS,N64,CPS1,CPS2,CPS3,FBA, NEOGEO,GBA,GBC,GB,SFC,FC,MD,SMS,GG,MSX,PCE,WSC, N-Gage, Indie juegos, etc. 20 tipos de formatos de juegos.
 Ayuda a los usuarios a descargar juegos en formatos relevantes

Software El sistema LINUX admite función de mango con cable
Admite reproducción multimedia en red
El sistema LINUX admite función de mango con cable, front-end integrado de Android
Admite reproducción multimedia en red
Idioma Multilenguaje
Altavoz Altavoz de bocina única
Batería Li-polímero 3200 mAh, duración 6 horas
Tarjeta TF Admite tarjeta tf de hasta 512 GB
16G (sin juego) 16G+64G (juegos 4450 compatibles)
16G+256G (juegos 4346 compatibles)
Otra función Soporte integradoLucha en línea WIFI incorporada, transmisión, HDMI, motor vibratorio, sSoporte para auriculares estéreo de 3,5 mm,
configuración de ahorro de energía, brillo de pantalla y otras funciones configuración de propiedades
Accesorios Cable de carga USB, caja de regalo, manual de usuario, protector de pantalla
Apariencia Apariencia exquisita, sensación cómoda, te permite acariciar con admiración
Tamaño 12,6 cm x 8,3 cm x 2,1 cm
Peso 0,18 kg



Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Ezequiel Pena
Dope piece of tech

Love my anbernic rg353V, not hard to use or add roms, also the system runs great with PS1, dreamcast, sega master, cps 1-3 and gba titles… a definite must buy, if anbernic makes another console like this one but able to play ps2 and GameCube I will sure be buying. Thanks anbernic. This system is dope as hell

D. B.
impressive handheld

I will preface that I had no choice but to order from China (I am a US resident), and regrettably I had to wait 22 days for the unit to be delivered. Hopefully in the future Anbernic products can be delivered from within the US.

I am completely satisfied with the unit. Every button works well. Unit is comfortable even in my large hands, and small enough to fit in my pocket. Wide compatibility of emulators. Some may consider my color choice bland, but I love that it can easily be mistaken for an old school original gameb0y. The battery lasts all day and when I needed support my email received a response promptly. It is nearly perfect, and worth the price (I paid 88 USD plus shipping).

Pieter-Jan D'hondt
Good device

If you want a device that runs very well up to NDS and lower: this is your go to. For me the Linux OS is sufficient and I have very little knowledge/experience with tinkering with all these settings. I mostly play GBA, N64 and NDS and all of these work great. N64 has some buttons not perfectly set up but overall nothing to complain about (I played Zelda Ocinara of time, both pokemon stadium I and II and super mario 64, all without any issues aside from some lag in the pokemon games animation). For GBA: no issues, NDS: not ideal to work with the two screens but there is an easy command with L and R buttons to switch. For pokemon games: no issues at all (I played pokemon white, heartgold, also mario kart nds, super mario and super mario nds 64). The android side looks good and touchscreen is nice but if you have limited knowledge it’s hard to understand how to set everything up.
I did have some issues with GBA file saving and saving my device settings (volume, brightness) but this resolved itself somehow. I do advice to change the micro SD’s if you have the chance for better quality ones.
Build quality and buttons are excellent (WAY better than I hoped) and installing roms is very easy.
Delivery time from China to Belgium for me took a little less than 2 weeks.
If you want a device that can handle heavier systems (GC, PSP, PS2..) I advice not to get this device but something like the rg405m.
Overall very pleased with my rg353V, I have almost 2 weeks of daily playtime on it and no complaints.

Daniel McCuish
Great handheld

Its a great system, works out of the box exactly as expected

The Big Nanoleaf Fan
Love my RG353v

A huge hit at my house. So fun to hold.