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Edilmer sebasstian Espinosa mesa
Good delivery

I got a problem with the device I hope you can help, it came with no BIOs games in the internal card and I can only play two games boomberman and another game, I hope you can help me with the issue, I want to enjoy the console, but has no games.

Good emulation device for retro games.

Nice build quality with a great screen.

Wendy Philbeck
Absolutely recommend ordering from this company

Took a while to get, but both devices work great. The feel of the devices is amazing. I ordered one from another vender and it had a bad hard drive. Both of these came up without any issues. Very satisfied!

Matt P
Looks great, plays great

Really nice feel to the device. Great screen, great controls, and has the feel of the original Gameboy. I got new micro-sd cards and installed custom firmware. Very pleased that it has wifi and usb-c. The dual micro-sd card feature is very convenient for keeping your rom collections separate from your operating system so that you can switch out either easily.

Excellent portable emulation box!

I think they hit the nail on the head with the design on the RG351v. The size is perfect, it's compact and the battery lasts several hours. Since it will charge off anything USB-C any old portable battery can keep it charged for long trips. So far I haven't had any slowdowns at all (playing mostly 8-bit, 16-bit, and PSX games) which is to be expected, and the screen is large and bright. I'm running AmberELEC on it which works perfectly and emulationstation is a great UI. Everyone I've showed it to says "Wait, is that a Game Boy?" which I find hilarious since the Game Boy format hasn't been a thing since the Game Boy pocket/color stopped being sold decades ago.

I think the only drawback might be the shoulder buttons. I can tell that the placement was a compromise due to the "Game Boy" size, but they are slightly awkward so if you have a game that uses them or large hands you might have to "crab claw" a bit to make sure you can hit them reliably. Other than that I think it's a great device and the price is hard to beat considering the sheer number of games available to you.