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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 64 reviews
    Good shit

    Great product, impressed with the build quality, was delivered to nz in about 2 weeks, nice work with the 351v

    Matthew Gillett
    Top Gaming Retro

    I have been playing this non stop since I got it
    Had to spend a couple of hours setting up (very easy)
    Plays all my favourites an more in a nostalgic form

    Never Worked Right Out Of The Box

    I wish I could give this a 5 star rating like everyone else seems to have done. However upon receiving my RG351V it failed to boot to any rom (included or from elsewhere.) I even took additional steps to use a micro SD card from a known good working unit. From the best I can tell based on the quick booting screen with text it seems like the SOC was never fully programmed to interact with the board it is soldered to. Many of the boot up errors say it fails to add routes as well as various other items (screenshot attached.) My initial reaction was to reach out to their support but wasn't impressed. I included multiple videos and pictures showing them the problem I was having. After many emails back and forth with a language barrier they no longer responded. Hopefully this helps anyone else that may be teetering on purchasing this item. Though I purchased my item from the site directly here I will also make a point to post my review anywhere else it may be helpful to others as well. Next stop is perusing a refund, luckily my credit card company warranties anything I purchase with it and will reverse charges if need be.

    Nadia Nieves
    My husband is in love

    ..with this retro gamer. I gave it to him for his birthday and he has since customized it and has been playing it every night. I've been called "the best wife" multiple times lol.

    Daniel Read
    Awesome device

    I love this thing - i get to play all my retro games on it and it’s great quality for the price. Recommend it!