Ships from: China
TYPE: Blue 16G
Angebot$136.99 USD


Farbe Blau/Dunkelviolett
Material Gehäuse aus Aluminiumlegierung,CNC-Prozess
Bildschirm 3,5-Zoll-IPS-Display mit vollem Betrachtungswinkel, Zero-Distance-OCA-Full-Fit/640*480, Multi-Touch
Prozessor RK3566 Quad-Core 64-Bit-Cortex-A55, Hauptfrequenz bis zu 1,8 GHz
Erinnerung Android 32 GB Hochgeschwindigkeits-eMMC 5.1, Linux 16 GB TF
WIFI/Bluetooth 2.4/5G WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,Bluetooth 4.2
Funktion Duales Betriebssystem: Android 11, Linux (64-Bit-Linux-System, kompatibel mit 32-Bit-Anwendungen)
Spiele Unterstützt Android-Spiele (Honor of Kings usw.)PSPDCSSPS1NDS N64CPS1CPS2FBANEOGEOGBAGBCGBSFCFC MDSMSGGMSXPCEWSCWINNGG usw 20 Arten von Spieleformaten.
 Unterstützen Sie Benutzer beim Herunterladen von Spielen in relevanten Formaten
Software Android integriertes Front-End ,
Unterstützt Multimedia-Netzwerkwiedergabe,LINUX-System unterstützt kabelgebundene Gamepad-Funktion
Sprache Mehrsprachig
Sprecher High-Fidelity-Stereo-Surround-Lautsprecher mit zwei Lautsprechern 
Batterie Li-Polymer 3500 mAh, hält 7 Stunden
TF-Karte Unterstützt tf-Karte max. bis 512 GB
16G (kein Spiel)  16G+64G (kompatible 4450-Spiele) 
16G+256G (kompatible 4346-Spiele )
Andere Funktion Eingebauter Hall-Joystick, Unterstützung  WIFI-Online-Kämpfe, Streaming, HDMI/Unterstützung von 3,5-mm-Stereokopfhörern/
Energiespareinstellung, Display Einstellungen für Helligkeit und andere funktionale Eigenschaften
Zubehör USB-Ladekabel, Geschenkbox, Bedienungsanleitung, Bildschirmschutz
Aussehen Exquisites Aussehen, angenehmes Gefühl, lassen Sie sich bewundernd streicheln
Box-Spezifikation Länge 16,4 cm Breite 9,35 cm Höhe 4,3 cm Gewicht 0,381kg
Konsolenspezifikation Länge 14,5 cm Breite 7,05 cm Höhe 1,59 cm Gewicht 0,232kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Good handheld, instructions are lacking

The device is excellent and has been performing very well. The most advance console we’ve emulated was N64 and gameplay was super smooth. The instructions packaged with the device were written for a previous model and referred to buttons this device did not have and provided little usable information. Fortunately, this being an open source device there is a wealth of information available in setup. Beyond that everything is exceptional.

Peyton Stephens

I've never owned a retro handheld before, by any company. I gotta say this aluminum body feels NICE! Almost like holding an Apple product! Ha! Took a little under two weeks from day of purchase for me to receive it. The built-in Linux OS is super easy and simple to navigate and find what you're looking for. At first it might be a pain having to scroll forever to find your games, but once you add them all to your favorite list it's so much faster to find! I haven't messed with the Android OS side because I just don't have a reason to! The triggers are nice and clicky, the buttons and d-pad have a soft, yet firm feel when you press them. The analog sticks are smooth as butter and click nicely. Overall, SUPER impressed and satisfied!! Excellent product!! 5 Stars!!!

Louis Hieu
Quality good

Every thing good , a lot game in micro sd card , but i can not use android i can not touch creen on android but linux very good for play game

Almost perfect

1) This needs shoulder buttons (in the recessed form of the F button) between the speakers and the SD cards, so you can flip the console to play 3D games with the analog sticks on top!

2) This needs a DAC/ADC for audio. Bluetooth headphones work somewhat with some distributions but eventually people will want to talk while playing multiplayer games without complexity = microphone on the PCB and in the headphone jack too!

3) I would add a long range radio with antenna under the volume button panel for P2P multiplayer. I recommend 169MHz CC1120 for this purpose as that frequency has the range you need without reducing the bandwidth too much. It's only legal in EU right now, but if you soft lock it I'm sure NA and Asia will open the band too if a strong enough case is built in EU.

4) I really wanted a 120 Hz display, if you could bring back the v1 display I'm sure the linux wizards would make it an option for us gamedevs to prepare our games for the future!

I'm now 100% people will start to port commercial projects to this platform very soon! OpenGL ES 3 on ARM and linux is the only way forward.

RIP Switch, Mobiles and even SteamDeck!

Gino Santos
Happy Anbernicker

Got the rg353m and so far so good. Plays all the games retro game corps (see YouTube) talks about in a fancy build. 5 stars for sure